Indianapolis Personal Stylist Proportions in Your Shape

Although we don’t think about it, balance is key to our life. We hear about work/life balance, boundaries in relationships, balance in science (earth revolves around the sun), etc. Balance is also key to understanding how to dress our shape – in men and women. I will just touch on this subject in this blog. […]

Color Analysis Indianapolis Fun Fall Color Combinations

When fall rolls around we start to see the usual fall combinations, and I love them. I can wear many warm colors and embrace them: rust, greens, reds, gold, brown, tan, etc. I don’t like to look like a clique, however, so I like to mix up fall with some other colors and combinations you […]

The Wide-Leg Pants Issue from an Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Hello, fashionistas! I cannot count the number of times when I am in an appointment with a client and I am telling them: Try a wider leg pant, even if it’s a straight leg. They might say no they are not flattering on me. But usually that means someone doesn’t want to try them. I […]

Trends to Fall for this Season by an Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Autumn Trends: Part 2! A few trends that push the boundaries are: Wide jeans (just as we were getting used to straight) Beyond traditional tie dye (because normal tie dye is kind of done) Bright, oversized plaid (a nod to Vivienne Westwood, perhaps)   To give you a few accessible ideas (perhaps […]

Your Color Analysis Indianapolis: Trends to “Fall” For this Season

Carmel Personal Stylist uses model to demonstrate balance with your body shape

Fall Fashion Trends 2023 The upcoming fall season is not for the shrinking violet. After a thorough review of the fall fashion runway shows, I saw a lot of big shapes, bold colors, oodles of textures, and plenty of razzle dazzle with silver taking center stage. This year, fall fashion embraces a harmonious blend of […]

Indianapolis Color Analysis: The Summer to Fall Switch

As summer days are filled with warm sun, pool time and vacation days give way to crisp chill air, pumpkin spice on everything, and cozy fall feelings, it’s time to transition your wardrobe seamlessly along with the changing weather. Read on for a few fun ideas to add warmth to your autumn wardrobe as the […]

Indianapolis Color Analysis Trends: Sneakers are Still Hot!

Hello Sneakers, I Love You!! This fall, you’ll want to keep your white sneakers in your wardrobe rotation. White sneakers have become a staple for many closets and it’s a trend worth finding room for in your closet this season. White sneakers are trending for good reason: they can be dressed up or down to […]

Indianapolis Men’s Styling Catalogs and More!

I love to share with you some of my favorite finds…this is one of  “those” blogs. And, I am also sharing some of my favorite catalogs I love to look over. Men’s pants: Do you ever receive catalogs for years that you look at, wonder if the products are as great as they seem but […]

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist: What to Wear INSTEAD of a Denim Jacket

Of course, I understand. We all love the denim jacket. I do, too. I have three: a light blue wash, a white one, and a painted cotton jacket. I wear them. But do I wear them constantly as my only jacket option? I do not. As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I do not recommend it […]