Trends to Fall for this Season by an Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Autumn Trends: Part 2!

A few trends that push the boundaries are:


To give you a few accessible ideas (perhaps already in your closet):

How to Choose?

As I have emphasized in the past, it is important to know your personal style when considering seasonal fashion trends. Those with a classic style can skip the eye-popping colors, for example, while those with a feminine style may overlook the menswear trends. Our style preferences are often a blend of styles, so if you need guidance, I suggest working with me, an Indianapolis Personal Stylist, to pinpoint your personal style.

It’s a Season for Fun

My main takeaway from the fall fashion trends is to not take oneself too seriously – have fun and play more. The best way to know what works for you is to stay open, be curious, and be willing to experiment. Remember, there is no such thing as failure in fashion. The true failure is not having tried at all, staying in one’s comfort zone.

The Seasonal Snapshot

If you’d like to see a sampling of the fall fashion runways, look at my Runway board on Pinterest. Keep in mind, that the runway is intentionally theatrical and sensational. Dial these ideas way back to make them work in real life.

I am excited about the upcoming season, and I look forward to helping my clients find sensational additions to their wardrobe. If I can be of assistance to you, contact me to set up a discovery call. There’s no need to stress about what to wear or where to buy it. I’m here for you.

Trends List

  • Big bags
  • Furry shoes
  • pumps
  • Pointed toe shoes
  • Tall boots OTK
  • Slouchy boots
  • Kitten heels
  • Platforms
  • Top handle bags
  • Big scarves
  • Rosettes
  • Bows & ties
  • Mesh & fishnet
  • Big hats
  • Big shoulders and big blazers
  • Big puffy coats
  • Trumpet sleeves
  • Fancy hoodies
  • Trains & Tails
  • RED
  • Chocolate brown
  • Buttery yellow
  • Silver & other metallics
  • Punchy pinks
  • Long skirts
  • Monochromatic dressing
  • Neutral layers
  • Off-the-shoulder
  • Navy & Black
  • Crafty clothes
  • Joy dressing
  • Dark florals
  • Head-to-toe black
  • Cargo
  • Wide jeans
  • Lingerie dressing
  • Quirky denim
  • Whimsical animal prints
  • Worldwide Influence
  • Motos (rebel vibes)
  • Bright, oversized plaid (punk)
  • Classic tailoring
  • “Corporate”
  • Dark Romance
  • Leather sets
  • Basics / Quiet Luxe
  • Sheer fabric
  • Creative knits/sweaters
  • Peplums
  • Belts & buckles
  • Ruffles
  • Beyond traditional tie-dye
  • Volume
  • Goddess gowns
  • Deconstructed suiting
  • Fairytale looks
  • Maxi coats
  • Smocked fabric


I wanted you to see my take on the suit I purchased for fall. It’s a warm taupe suit from Banana Republic. I still have not purchased the top to wear underneath but can tell you I recently tried on a satiny silver shell with it, and it was a beautiful look! I can also wear these colors: grass green, turquoise, red, and cream (not a surprise). I picked these colors from my color book for spring. Click here to find out where I got the silk shell!



Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,