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My Journey to becoming a stylist

I am often asked – how did you get started as a stylist? Why did you do it?

When I was young, living in rural Northern Indiana, I always loved creative projects. I sewed, enjoyed selecting the materials and putting colors/outfits together, as well as drawing. However, when it came time to select a college and major, I didn’t know anyone who worked in fashion or art-beyond teaching-so after completing a bachelor’s and a master’s. Writing also came very easily to me so I pursued degrees in communication and ended up working in health care and higher ed in corporate communications. During all that time, I loved it. But, after 24 years, I needed a change. 

A more flexible job would allow me to visit and help care for my aging parents. It was also the perfect time to do something new in a more artistic field. In my previous career, I often coordinated photo shoots, helped plan outfits, colors, etc. and did some makeup for the camera. So stylists and image consultants seemed intriguing, especially after I had worked with one at a photo shoot.

But I needed to learn how to do it all. I wanted to be a trained professional.

My training was gleaned from several places, including School of Style, based in Hollywood, Calif., and New York NY, focusing on production and celebrity styling. 

I trained in Indianapolis at Pro Soto Studios for markup artistry, and started out as a makeup artist for commercial photo shoots and weddings. I enjoyed it, but felt it wasn’t a long-term career. 

I later learned color analysis, personal styling and image consulting with the Association of Image Consulting International (, one of the largest professional groups for stylists with more than 600 members worldwide. 

As I work with clients, I find there is a real need for style and image services today, even in light of changing dress codes and job descriptions. Who  doesn’t love to make improvements and learn new ways to look and even feel? Everyone needs confidence!

If you’ve ever thought – “I don’t like the way I look– I can’t seem to find clothing that really says who I am and what my style really is.” Or want to break out of your style routine, consider my services. 

Don’t despair!

As George Eliot once wrote: “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” Amen to that! I’d love to work with you to discover your best self – today! 

Beth Divine Indianapolis Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Stylist

Call the image Consultant!

Does this sound like you?

  • I want to feel more confident in my appearance.
  • I want to look more professional now that I am back in the office after COVID.
  • Shopping overwhelms me. I just don’t even know where to begin.  
  • I don’t know one color from another, let alone how to wear them.
  • I am someone who is hard to fit, and I get very frustrated finding clothing that fits in the stores. 
  • I would like to upgrade my wardrobe and “love it.”
  • I have a new job and need to dress more professional. 
  • I would like to know how to dress my shape and build. 
  • I want clothes that I can mix and match pieces easily. 
  • I need to learn what good-quality clothing is.
  • I need to dress up for an event and don’t now how to start.
  • I need hair and makeup advice. My skin and hair color are changing.

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What Clients are Saying about Beth Divine:

Todd Bracken
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"Simply wow! This is the first time in my life I’ve ever experienced women acquaintances and even women I don’t know spontaneously commenting on how sharp I look! Beth took a personal interest in my style goals and objectives. My only regret is that I didn’t secure Beth’s help earlier in my career."
Jennifer Phillips
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"I certainly recommend Beth Divine Style for color analysis. I was told I was two different seasons and so confused, and after our consult, I knew so much more."
Michele Ulrich
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"Working with you has been an awesome experience! I’ve wanted to work with a personal stylist for a long time. Thanks again for helping me feel like I’m a bit more attractive!"
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"Just went through my closet and got rid of the colors that are not flattering. Thanks again - super helpful guidance you provided!"
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“I received so many compliments on the black suede boots and grey wash skinnies. I appreciate you sending me a wrap-up document that had all of the things we talked about!”
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“Beth’s fashion consulting has been priceless. She not only helped me go through my closet to find what worked for me, she also helped me shop for new pieces that were fabulous on me.”
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“After talking to Beth, I learned so much about color, my frame, and what looks best for my body type. It was really fun to go shopping after she pointed out stores that have my sizes. I found THE perfect suit on the first try! (Believe me, this never happens).”
Kristine Pursell
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“Beth has a talent. Just by looking at my body, she can tell what will look good on me – style and color. While it felt a bit like an indulgence at first, I quickly realized it really is an investment in yourself.”
Craig P. Anderson
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“I was able to meet with Beth quickly and our meeting was very thorough. We worked through my goals, style, colors and shape. our subsequent shopping trip was very successful.”
Leroy Brown
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“Beth performed an outstanding job of helping me select quality outfits that look great on me. She also taught me how to think about future purchases.”
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“I purchased the consult and shopping as a gift for my wife. My wife loved spending time with Beth and really appreciated how comfortable she became with Beth – as well as how quickly she felt that way.”
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“With the assistance and knowledge that Beth has, shopping was easy and quick. It was nice to not have things forced on me that I didn’t like, and at the same time, discovering and learning that more clothes actually do work for me.“
Jim Hodapp
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“Beth is knowledgeable, and I got a lot of very practical advice on my wardrobe – what to get rid of and also what to keep.”
Stephanie Strakbein
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“Beth was great at finding the pieces I wanted but also introducing me to colors, patterns, or styles I wouldn’t have thought to try. Now, I feel more confident building on the wardrobe we started together.”
Tony B.
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“I should have hired a personal stylist a long time ago. By the time we were done, I felt like she knew me better than I know myself. And she used that knowledge and her impeccable design talent to find the perfect clothes for me."
Suzy H.
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“Beth is so up to date on all the latest trends and fashions. She truly knows what the best look is.”
Jenna H.
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"Beth was wonderful to work with and brought a great perspective to coloring and style!"
Anna Dawson
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“Beth has a way of making you feel good about yourself while showing you how your style can be better.”
Amanda Bullion
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“Beth helped me feel confident by pairing the clothes in my clothes for a more edgy and sophisticated look.”
Deborah Williams
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"Beth was incredibly helpful with putting together age-appropriate outfits and finding the right silhouettes to match my body. I feel as if I have a much better direction when I shop for clothes. She does an amazing job!"
Jason Cummings
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“My experience with Beth was great! I will definitely call her again. She is a true professional!”
Kent Smith
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"After 5 hours with Beth, I learned which colors are best, what styles are suitable and what color shoes go with what colors of clothing with Beth’s teaching, I have a little knowledge now and hope to keep expanding and learning."
Elizabeth Madigan
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"Beth was terrific at helping me improve my style--she was thoughtful in her recommendations and helped me learn how to shop to be able to maintain what she taught me. Highly recommended!"
Suzi Klimek
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"Beth was wonderful! Very professional and knowledgeable. We will definitely use her services again."
Jaclyn Spillane
Read More
"Beth cleaned 10+ years of clothes out of my closet in under 4 hours and followed up with recommendations online. She also helped me better understand my coloring. I would highly recommend her."
Julie Shaw
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“I do not like to shop because I am difficult to fit, but we found several beautiful outfits. She even gave me make up advice and put some outfits together for me. I highly recommend her services.”
Cecilia Coble
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"All the ladies were very excited to incorporate the empowering tips that Beth gave. I would highly recommend her for your next group event and for individual consultation."
Molly Meiners
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"A goal of mine was to upgrade my wardrobe and I hired Beth for a professional image consultation. I found Beth through a Google search. Even before meeting, her website answered many of my questions (and made me realize I had even more, which was helpful to ask during the appointment). Beth was gracious and a lovely host during the analysis. It also became quickly apparent that she knew her stuff as she (correctly) pre-typed me before we even we went through swatches of colors. So satisfied & glad I did this. I would highly recommend Beth to those looking to add "oomph" to their wardrobe."
McKenzie Hollingsworth
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"Beth is truthfully so great at her job! Although the styling process can seem overwhelming, Beth was (and still is) such a guide in my styling process. She makes you feel confident in your styling process & helps you pick out outfits that showcase your body type, skin color, hair color, & eye color. Beth was so professional and has a deep knowledge of the styling process as a whole! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants a fun & successful styling process."
Melissa Berry
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"Beth is a very gorgeous, professional woman. Her knowledge of color and style is beyond compare! I highly recommend her services!!"
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"I was just complimented on my black blazer, magenta blouse and new jeans, and black wedges. I can't thank you enough. (Attending a work retreat in NY)."
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"Everyone close to me loves the transformation you've done with my style."
Karissa C.
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"When I went to my job interviews I felt like a million dollars in my beautiful new coat and sleek suit. My peers gave me a thumbs up, too!"

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