Your Color Analysis Indianapolis: Trends to “Fall” For this Season

Color Analysis Indianapolis silver shoesFall Fashion Trends 2023

The upcoming fall season is not for the shrinking violet. After a thorough review of the fall fashion runway shows, I saw a lot of big shapes, bold colors, oodles of textures, and plenty of razzle dazzle with silver taking center stage. This year, fall fashion embraces a harmonious blend of retro and futuristic elements.


Oversized coats with bold patterns and rich textures dominate, providing both warmth and statement style. This season shines a spotlight on earthy tones like rust, olive, and mustard, while metallic accents and glossy finishes add a futuristic twist. (Flats above approach two trends: Mary Jane shoes in a metallic!) Long skirts and chunky knit sweaters return for another season, offering comfort and elegance.


On the accessories front, there was a focus on oversized bags, slouchy boots, and large gold jewelry. Sustainable and ethically sourced materials are included, reflecting the industry’s growing commitment to environmental consciousness. This season’s trends blend nostalgia with innovation for a captivating autumn wardrobe according to a Color Analysis Indianapolis.

Fall Fashion Colors

The 2023 fall fashion colors encourage creativity, allowing individuals to express their style through a harmonious fusion of tones. The top fall fashion colors for 2023 embrace a rich and diverse palette, reflecting a blend of traditional and contemporary influences.


Olive and terracotta tones offer a grounded and comforting aesthetic. Complementary to these colors are bold and vibrant shades such as bright blue and fiery red, injecting energy into the season.


Muted tones like Conch Shell and Soft Sienna (Pantone names) provide a delicate contrast. Not featured in my palette below but not to be missed are oodles of metallic clothing, especially silver, lending a touch of glamour.


Each year, Pantone publishes a Fashion Color Trend Report for both New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. As I did in my Fall/Winter 2022 Color Report last August, I’ve combined the colors of the two fashion weeks into one cohesive palette.


If you were to compare the two palettes (2022 and 2023), you’d find similar tones between them. One marked difference this year is the addition of more reds: dark red, fiery red, coral, and more. Red is the color of the season.


Once again, this year there are colors one would typically associate with spring like Carnival Glass, Red Orange, and Conch Shell.


The neutrals this season include Doe, Forest Night, and Eclipse. Black also plays a big role in fall fashion this year; however, don’t we already have plenty of black?


My Favorite Colors

When I looked over the palette, the colors that jumped out to me as a Spring were many shades of green and turquoise. I often wear them together in a standout print. They are so dynamic. (If you don’t know your best colors, reach out to me for a Color Analysis Indianapolis. I am the only colorist in Indiana trained by the International Institute of Color and Style based in Toronto, Canada.)

Color analysis Indianapolis color pallete for fall 2023


Accessory Standouts include:

Top Handle Bags

Oversized Bags


Over-the-knee Boots

Big scarves

Big hats


Fall’s “classic” trends include:

Dark florals

Moto jackets

Maxi coats

Animal prints


Hope you enjoyed the first blog on trends. Keep it sassy, Indy.


Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Indiana’s only image consultant via the Association of Image Consultants International (