Indiana Wardrobe Stylist: What to Wear INSTEAD of a Denim Jacket

Of course, I understand. We all love the denim jacket. I do, too. I have three: a light blue wash, a white one, and a painted cotton jacket. I wear them. But do I wear them constantly as my only jacket option? I do not. As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I do not recommend it either!

Recently I read in a really popular women’s magazine about this lady who wore her denim jacket EVERY DAY to work. She considered it her uniform, her work jacket, her finishing touch on her outfit. (Back up, I do endorse a third layer for most outfits. It pulls your look together, adds polish, etc.) I do think every woman needs some other options besides the denim jacket or the long cardigan sweater I constantly see.

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist shows off alternative to a denim jacket

Now that we’ve cleared the air about the denim jacket, let’s explore some other options for it. There are many! Here are some alternatives …

  • A leather moto jacket. I have long been a fan of this staple. Fit is key with this since leather stretches. I like a trim, snug fit. I own a red one and a navy jacket. I don’t have a black one since black is not in my best color book. Black may also be too “motorcycle mamma” for you – but if not, wear it and rock it! They go with everything from your favorite jeans to a midi knit dress.
  • The olive military jacket. I love this jacket as a casual option to the denim blazer. I used to own a navy one, but the most common color is olive although you can find them in camo, khaki, black, green, burgundy, and even coral. They often have a gathered waist (drawstring) and pockets on the outside and a collar. It is a really cool way to spruce up your white jeans, casual dress, or skirt and boots. It is a neutral item that all women need in their closets.
  • A duster. This basically a long jacket that’s in a lighter material.
  • Shacket. They are still in style and are a neat alternative for casual looks. They often have texture in plaid, corduroy, or faux shearling.
  • A navy blazer in knit, cotton, or 100 percent wool. I love my navy blazer and its dressy gold buttons. This jacket is more of a dress-up item that can be worn with dresses, pants, jumpsuits, etc. My favorite brands are Veronica Beard, Theory, WHBM, and Banana Republic. A sharp navy blazer with a crisp white T, straight or wide-leg jeans, and a color flat is an easy outfit to put together and wear. I can tell you on my upcoming trip to the UK I will be wearing this outfit often. I might trade out my camo pants for jeans now and then, and add some sneakers.
  • On the hottest days of summer, I add a linen jacket to my outfits. I have them in several colors — khaki/white, light blue, canary yellow. I wear them with dresses and even pleated shorts. (A year ago I bought a two-piece yellow shorts suit, and I wear the pieces together or with other items.

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In the next blog, I will review even more options for the denim jacket. Stay tuned, Indy!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC, Personal Image Consultant