Style Gift Certificates: A special gift that delights everyone!

Gift certificate for your Indianapolis Personal StylistMany of my clients enjoy buying style gift certificates for their friends and significant others. A gift card includes a beauty/shape/color consult; closet audit and shopping list in the first appointment. Soon after, we shop together (which starts with my pre-shopping and then the client joining me. Or, it may include just shopping. Either way, it’s an unusual, yet useful gift and a treat for anyone to doesn’t have the time to shop or even think about style. Please ask me for a price.

I can travel to your home to do services, or you can meet me at my home office and bring your clothes for the closet audit. Hourly rates vary upon request.

Each package includes an attractive gift certificate/envelope sent to the giver that can be wrapped and presented in a fun, thoughtful way!

Gift certificates are billed at the time of purchase. Contact Beth, for further questions. Or fill out the contact form to the right and we will get back to you shortly.


“Beth performed an outstanding job of helping me select quality outfits that look great on me. She also taught me how to think about future purchases.”
Leroy, Client
“Beth is a great Indianapolis personal stylist. She has keen eye for color and proportions and was able to update my wardrobe in a short time. She gave me great tips on what to buy in the future and, more importantly, what to avoid! She covered everything, including accessories, make-up and shoes!”
Anita, Client
“She did my colors and really helped me in shopping for clothes that fit me best. She really helped me break out of the old mold and into a new mold where I feel stylish and that I look my best. Meeting old friends in new clothes and having them say ‘You look beautiful!’ is the best compliment I can give to B. Divine!”
Robin, Client
“Beth is wonderful! Her fashion consulting has been priceless. She not only helped me go through my closet to find what worked for me, she also helped me shop for new pieces that were fabulous on me. I highly recommend her services!”
Sarah, Client
“I do not have a flexible schedule, budget, and I have a petite frame which has made shopping a horror story. After talking to Beth she was extremely flexible and accommodating to my needs. I learned so much about color, my frame, and what looks best for my body type. It was really fun to go shopping after she pointed out stores that have my sizes. I found THE perfect suit on the first try! (Believe me, this never happens). All items I purchased were on sale, so she is great at finding you deals if you are on a strict budget. I wish I had met Beth in my 20s so that I could have learned about what works for me. Now that I am in my 30s I am happy that I am finally learning what I should have known about myself years ago. This is an experience every girl (and guy) should have. I highly recommend her services. You will find the experience invaluable.”
Brenda, Client
“Beth was fantastic!  She listened to me.  She nicely told me which items in my closet were not so great, and why!  She showed me some cute outfits I can make out of items I already own.  My favorite things in my closet now are pieces I would have never even picked up. She has a talent. Just by looking at my body, she can tell what will look good on me – style and color.  What I love the most is that she explains WHY things look great on me or why they don’t so I know how to choose items when I’m shopping without her.  While it felt a bit like an indulgence at first, I quickly realized it really is an investment in yourself.”
Kristine, Client
“Shopping is an aggravating event for me. With the assistance of and with the knowledge that Beth has, the experience was easy and quick. She took in and analyzed the information that was given to her then applied those facts in determining the direction. This made the night easy instead of frustrating as I usually find it to be. It was also nice to not have things forced on me that wasn’t in my thoughts of being my style and at the same time, discovering and learning that more clothes actually do work for me than I originally thought. I will be a repeat client and will pass this onto other individuals. “
Jason, Client
“Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and shop!  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and feel like I have a much better idea of the styles and colors that will work best for me.  I love the pieces that we found and put them to good use the very next day.  I received so many compliments on the black suede boots and grey wash skinnies 🙂 I appreciate you sending me a wrap up document that had all of the things we talked about.  I am going to keep it handy on my phone so I can pull up the pictures when shopping. Thanks again!”
April, Client
“I purchased the consult and shopping as a gift for my wife.  I found Beth to be very responsive and approachable and she made the process very easy for me.  My wife loved spending time with Beth and really appreciated how comfortable she became with Beth – as well as how quickly she felt that way.  I have no doubt we will use Beth again and I wouldn’t ever hesitate to recommend her services.”
Joe, Client