Rock Your 4th of July Style!

As an image consultant and personal stylist, I have always found that there is something about red, white, and blue wardrobe colors that so perfectly say “summer.” With both Memorial Day and the Fourth of July taking place during this season, investing in a couple of patriotic pieces is a great way to showcase your […]

More about Etiquette and your Image

Lately, we’ve been talking about how Indianapolis Image Consulting doesn’t stop at the clothes. How you present yourself at functions and how you interact with others are all part of your image too. So if you’re not sure which fork is the salad fork and where you should put your napkin when you’re eating, you […]

Do you Promote Yourself in the Workplace?

As an Indiana Image Consultant,  I am all about wardrobe, I also do some coaching with professionals and executives who either want to move up or just maintain the status they have. Oh, how I could have used this advice when I was a young professional. I needed the wardrobe advice. I didn’t always dress […]

Men: Some Trends for Spring

Spring is here! For women, that means running to the store and trying the latest spring trends. For men, that means the same thing, believe it or not! As we’re slowly seeing things open back up, we are seeing a return to the office. Do your work clothes still fit? Maybe it’s time to consider […]

Spring Trends You’ll Love

Everyone likes to know the season’s trends, and I do as well. Of course, we have heard that the Pantone colors of the year are yellow and grey. I did a previous blog about how to wear yellow. Many people can’t wear, and as an Indiana Personal Shopper and wardrobe consultant, I encourage them to […]