Summer Trends to Enjoy!

As a Personal Stylist, It’s always fun to research trends each season. I always approach them as – what are the designers doing now, and do any of them work for me! It is also a guide for me as I shop in the stores with clients so I am not surprised by styles, colors […]

Why Men Should Know their Best Shape of Jeans

Much has been written, discussed, and addressed through new designs and shapes in women’s pants sizes such as jeans. It used to be one size fits all, but that is certainly not the case. As Carmel Wardrobe Stylist, I can attest to that fact — it’s easier to find pants that fit since there are […]

Guys: What do I Wear Now!?

It’s really interesting how much opinions about what to wear to work have changed, from the individual worker to the corporation. It seems companies still have dress codes, but they have certainly evolved. Many now just say wear what you want, just so it’s not offensive, dirty, or mind-boggling. It’s funny and ironic to me […]

Tis’ the Season…Shopping Services for You!

If you are someone who loves the holidays, but you don’t love shopping or gift-giving, your favorite Image Consultant Beth Divine has some great options for you! My Indianapolis Personal Shopper options might be exactly what you need, no gift wrap required! Make Holiday Shopping Easy With Help From an Indianapolis Personal Shopper In the past, I […]

More Trends for Gals…Pt 2

As a Carmel Wardrobe Stylist, I am always watching the fashion trends to see what the latest and greatest thing will be in my closet next. What will we see in the stores this fall? Fashion shows give us a hint, but not everything translates well to the public. That’s ok if you’re not 100% […]

Guys, It’s Time To Invest In A Suit Jacket Or Blazer

Hello men of Indiana and beyond. Having been raised with men, I am the only girl with three older brothers, you probably know I was raised to be a hyper-feminine girl. And I was. I was not outside working on the farm. Oh no, I was inside learning the basics of Betty Crocker, sewing, reading, […]

Shoes to Check Out this Fall 2021

Maybe shoes are an afterthought for you when you think about your fashion and style. But, they are not! Shoes can make an outfit spectacular or ho-hum. I have to admit for many years I just had the typical shoe wardrobe: Black pumps, black flats, maybe a taupe dress shoe, and some Ugg boots. That […]

What’s In for Men…

Men, if you want to try some trends for fall, here are some ideas from your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist. First, in general, silhouettes are slightly bigger, something like the 90s. If you are a larger guy, make sure you don’t go too big. It will not flatter you. Conversely, if you are a more slight […]

Step it Up a Notch – Men, Be Seen!

Hello all, this blog is written by one of my AICI Chicago Midwest Chapter colleagues, Edwards Buice, owner of David Edwards Clothier, based in Chicago. I love his bold, current takes on men’s fashion and have bought some pieces for myself and my husband. Check out his website at From Edwards Buice, “I am […]

How to Create “Wow” Outfits with Color!

When flipping through a style magazine or watching the fashion runway, you may notice that some color combinations catch your eye due to being unique and beautiful but include pieces that never match. Somehow they magically work. You don’t know why and you would prefer to combine outfits yourself versus looking at a look book […]