Throughout the Year…Shopping Services for You!

If you are someone who loves the holidays, but you don’t love shopping or gift-giving, your favorite Image Consultant Beth Divine has some great options for you! My Indianapolis Personal Shopper options might be exactly what you need, no gift wrap required!

Make Shopping Easy With Help From an Indianapolis Personal Shopper

Beth Divine Indianapolis Personal Shopper Can Shop The Newest Fashions For YouIn the past, I have bought some gifts on behalf of clients, and it was really quite fun. What happened, most of the time, was someone contacted me and said, “Would you buy this item for my loved one?” I bought and wrapped the gift, and if the person was out of town, I shipped it to him or her as well. It was fun, really. As an Indianapolis Personal Shopper, who knows the malls better than I do? I am there weekly, sometimes even a couple of times a week. I know the online resources as well and how to hunt down the gifts that delight everyone.

Recently, I had a request from a client to buy his wife’s birthday present. The item was to mimic the dresses and style of her favorite TV show! It was so fun. I really love dresses myself, so finding the perfect dress for this request was so fun. I am also a big fan of the vintage shirtwaist, and I own several of them myself. (Thanks to Dior who created this style, we can still enjoy this special design today.) This is the process: I did a fast color analysis for his wife by looking at a photo to see her best colors. Then, the husband had to do some research such as figuring out his wife’s sizes. Once I had the sizes, I searched, and found 5-6 possibilities and put them in my online catalog. The husband picked four dresses, purchased them, and then brought them over to me to make the final decision. I wrapped the gift, and presto the special gift was ready.

Give The Gift of Style

A Color Analysis By An Indianapolis Image Consultant will find the colors that look best on youI also offer gift certificates from my company, Beth Divine Style. Over the years I have offered extensive style services via gift certificate but have found the most popular and successful gift you can purchase is the color analysis. What happens is you request the gift certificate, and you can pay with a credit card via the Cash App or Venmo. Then I email or mail you the gift certificate so you can wrap it and present it to your family member.

I usually do the color analysis at my home studio, south of Broad Ripple in Indianapolis. Or I also offer the service online. Each person receives a beautiful leather wallet of swatch colors to make shopping for your “Wow” colors a breeze.

When I think about all the services I offer, I firmly believe a color analysis is one of the most important. Why? When you know what colors flatter you and what colors do NOT  flatter you, the clothes you buy will look better on you. Once you develop that eye for the right colors, you’ll start noticing them everywhere. You will buy fewer pieces that you never wear. I firmly believe in the end you will save money. Don’t we all want to do that?

Best makeup or skincare is also included in the services.

Indianapolis Personal Shopper Services for Men too!

We all have a man in our lives that likes to look nice but hates shopping. Whether it’s for a gift or for themselves, it seems like getting them to come to the mall is worse than pulling teeth. As an experienced men’s stylist, I can also lend my Indianapolis Personal Shopper services to men too. Whether it’s a special occasion or just because you can’t find the time to shop, I can buy the things you’re looking for and deliver them right to your doorstep. For help with your holiday shopping or to purchase a color analysis gift certificate, please reach out to me at

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC,

Personal Stylist and & Indianapolis Personal Shopper