Carmel Personal Stylist Helps Make Your Winter Wardrobe Shine

Ladies and gentlemen… meet the “winter blahs.” It’s late January; the glow of the holidays and vacation time is long over. In Indiana, it might be snowy, cold, or even rainy. Grayness is an everyday reality. And our wardrobes–many of us may be tired of what we are wearing as well.

What should we do? In this blog, Carmel Personal Stylist, Beth Divine, will discuss how to add some spice or your wardrobe as well as pinpoint some solutions to making your existing clothing not only work for you but also make you shine.

Common issues…

  1. I wear the same thing daily since I work from home and don’t even turn on my camera for meetings. (Lucky you, by the way.) But this advantage can quickly turn to making us less willing to spend time on ourselves and our style. Why not try some shower pampering for your parched winter skin? Try a scent you like or a texture that is beneficial to you. Some of my favorites are natural brands. One is Beauty Counter — Citrus Mimosa Body Wash and Jason’s Lavender Body Wash.
  2. I am running out of winter clothes, period. When I hear this I think some new basics are in order. Be sure and find ones in your best colors — did you know not everyone looks great in all basic colors (black, grey, camel, brown, navy, cream, etc.)? Maybe a color analysis is in order for you where I reveal your best colors and you take home a swatch book of colors to use on your next shopping trip. Consider treating yourself to some special fabrics, too.
  3. I need something different, please.  A cozy plaid scarf, a leopard fur collar or hat, and some leather gloves are nice additions to the basics you wear all the time – and in January stores are starting to mark down winter merchandise. So you can buy higher quality pieces at a more affordable price like this cute winter hat.

    Ladies – try something you may not have thought about … what about a cozy sweater dress? How about some tights, your cozy boots (yes, your Uggs), and wear a comfy dress instead of pants? You’d be surprised how often a dress is just as easy as the leggings and athleisure you wear all the time. Here is a nice option from the Banana Republic.

    Guys, this is the time of year to stock up on warm, yummy sweaters in cashmere and 100 percent wool. It’s such a nice look with a dark jean or cords, and maybe some different footwear you’ve never tried such as the leather Chelsea boot. One of my clients bought these staples and said it was his favorite purchase of all that we bought together. Here is an example of the sweater and shoes we bought.

  4. January is also a good time to evaluate your winter coat and consider upgrading some of your basics. You can buy a nicer quality coat later in the season so you’ll be stylish for next year.

The new year is upon us, and it is time to take charge of our personal style. Contact Beth Divine, a Carmel Personal Stylist, to help you dress your best and feel confident!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,