Carmel Personal Stylist Shares Fall’s Boot Trends: Part 2

Today we will do a deep dive further into this season’s hottest boot trends and how I, a Carmel Personal Stylist, advise you on how to wear them.

Motto Boots Give a Cool Girl Vibe

You will also notice that more rugged, buckled Motto boots are hot this season. The interesting thing about this boot is its versatility. It can be worn with leather leggings, jeans, midi dresses, etc. I like to try a different color such as Oxblood, or burgundy. It’s a great option to have beyond black or brown. They are comfortable boots as well; who doesn’t love comfort? However, if you need some black or brown casual boots in your wardrobe check these out.

Spectators are Retro and Current!

I have long been a fan of the spectator shoe, which is essentially a shoe with some color blocking. I have a pair of ballet flats (also a trend) in black and white, and I wear them all the time. They are so neutral they can add some pizzazz to a pair of brown plaid pants, jeans, and even a casual knit dress. I am still kicking myself for not buying the brown and cream spectator loafers when I saw them. I chose a safer option in a brown, crock loafer with a stacked heel.

Loafers Fill a Wardrobe Need

Loafers were hot a year or two ago, and are still very popular. I finally invested in a stacked heel version in brown and love them. But again, word of caution: Loafers are a more preppy, classic shoe. They don’t pair well with Bo-Ho fashions or extremely romantic outfits. They look better with tailored ensembles such as straight pants, jeans, blazers, button-down shirts, and shirtwaist dresses. I also wear them with a straight plaid skirt and tights. Heels are required with this look though.

Mary Janes are Not Just for the 40s

I have long been a fan of Mary Janes with the feminine strap. It dates back to the 90s when I wore the flat Mary Janes. I loved them! Later on, many years later, I found a pair of heeled, burgundy Mary Janes, and I wore them out. First, the patent material and the Oxblood color (like burgundy) went with so much in my closet. I wouldn’t believe it. When I read that Mary Janes was having a comeback, along with metallic material. I bought a silver Mary Jane flat and an Oxblood heeled Mary Jane (both by Madewell). I love them.

Knee High Stiletto Boots

Everyone needs a tall boot in the closet. Booties will also remain popular but don’t ignore this boot and all it can do for your outfits. If you are looking for a boot that has enough elegance to elevate any outfit, this season is the time to invest in a timeless knee-high stiletto boot. These boots add just the right touch of luxury and sophistication that is hard to match in any other boot. The extra height and heels make them a perfect option to dress up your fall outfits. They look equally fantastic with a tailored suit or a flowing midi dress.

This season’s fall boot trends have something to perfectly match everyone’s style preferences, and I can’t wait to see your choices. The key is to choose a boot that fits your style and makes you feel confident. You may be surprised that you love a style that you have never tried before.

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Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,


Carmel Personal Stylist