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Hello followers. Your favorite Indiana Wardrobe Stylist just returned from a short cruise with my husband to Nassau and Key West. Beforehand, We traveled to Ft. Lauderdale for a few days pre-cruise. The hotel we stayed in, The Diplomat, in Hollywood, Fla., was quite busy with a business conference of online travel professionals. Hundreds of people were there networking, attending seminars, and conducting the business that is conducted at these events.

Granted, I used to attend these conferences when I was a busy professional and enjoyed them immensely. This time, however, I had the privilege to observe what the attendees were wearing and how they presented themselves. Here is what I saw, and as your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I will also make suggestions on how I think looks could be improved so you can have some practical takeaways for your next business trip.

Here are some observations…

  • Business casual or smart casual, whatever that means, seems to dominate. I did not see anyone in a formal suit and tie look. Many men wore blazers in navy or a print, such as plaid, with a shirt and perhaps some snazzy sneakers. Fashion sneakers, not athletic sneakers, dominated most men’s looks. Some men wore dark jeans with their blazers or a lone white, crisp button-down shirt. (This was not my favorite.) A third layer is always in order, even when pairing it with a sports coat, dark jeans, and fashion sneakers.
  • I saw a few casual suits in cotton, linen, etc., without a tie and fashion sneakers. This was a very sharp look for the men.
  • One other observation: men, don’t forget about the importance of a fresh haircut or beard trim before attending a work event, or even any event. It was interesting to note that I did not see many beards. I wonder if they are going out…
  • Women, of course, were fascinating to observe. Among the most notable outfits I saw was a brown velvet pantsuit. It was so sharp and somewhat understated but business-appropriate. The second day I saw the wearer with the same brown jacket but over a geometric green-brown print dress and some block-heeled pumps in a neutral color. Very stylish, I thought.
  • I saw some dark plaid pants and a sleeveless top paired with a tan suede loafer for one lady. Very stylish. I do think a neutral blazer would have made more of a statement. But, overall, her outfit was a perfect conference look of smart casual.
  • I did see an amusing crisp, white, button-down shirt paired with a gold-print polka dot pencil skirt and some block heels in a neutral. I loved this look for a conference. (it’s my favorite – polka dots.) I have also heard that pencil skirts are coming back–music to my ears.
  • I also saw some chic wrap dresses in a print that was interesting but not overly feminine which I think is always a good idea for women in business.
  • I also saw some shapely shirt dresses in colors such as navy, taupe, and royal blue. This dress can take the place of a suit with a shirt layer.


My hotel was fun to see people interacting, conducting business, and enjoying life again.


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Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC


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