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Winter is Coming…

If you were like me, you may have joined in on Game of Thrones very late. My husband coaxed me to watch, although I was afraid of all the violence. But I became hooked, and I was especially interested because it was filmed in Iceland, a beautiful place we visited almost two years ago. You see I was like many people who believed that Iceland was an ice cube and a terrible place to visit. Actually, it's Greenland that is the ice cube; Iceland is a green wonder of nature most of the time. When it rains there, you do see the ice, hence its name! Anyway, this blog is about Winter is coming- so why should you care? Everyone seems to have an opinion about winter: Even Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming! This statement is shrouded in mystery or dread, or both. I know I used to like winter more than I do now. If I can escape it at least once to a warm place I seem to "weather" it better. This year is not looking good for that vacation to a sunny beach. As an Indiana Image Consultant, I just want to remind you to prepare your skin for the harsh dry winter up ahead. Winter is Coming - Is Your Skin Ready? Your Indiana Image Consultant is here to help prepare you for winter. Moisturizing is key in your cleansing routine. Not just your skin, but also your hair. Nearly all of us have drier skin in the winter. That means we need to treat our skin. I have dry skin all the time, so in the winter I continue to moisturize. I do this with a careful selection of various lotions and [...]

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Image Consultant Tips for Winter Skincare

Happy winter, everyone. Yes, it’s here…if you are like me, your skin may be showing some signs of dryness or you even have some painful hang nails on your fingers. It’s not fun, but would this even be a Beth Divine blog if I didn't provide my Image Consultant insight on such topic?! I have always had dry skin, and I am always talking to other experts about what to do about it. As a consultant, I want to have a wealth of knowledge that I can pass on to my clients no matter what the subject. Believe it or not, central to controlling dry skin are two things: exfoliating and having routine manicures. This is something most women do, but men may not do it. Men—yes, I am talking to you—men can get manicures, too. Getting a manicure as a male won't hurt your image. No, it doesn't have to involve bright pink nail polish but would involve cutting back cuticles, moisturizing nails and basically grooming your hands. I have to think of something this week: Last Sunday, watching the C-Span show, the host did a camera close-up on a document, and there for all to see were his ragged, rough nails and hands. I had to look away. Take my word for it: grooming for men is important for your personal brand and image. Dear Image Consultant, What Products Do I Use? Okay, enough with beating that dead horse. What do you look for in products for dryer skin? There are so many products out there. As your Image Consultant, I am here to the rescue. Look for products without or very little water in them. You can find this on the ingredients [...]

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Some Fabulous New Products!

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas, We're in the middle of summer in Indianapolis, so if you are like me, you're trying to find some new lighter makeup and skin care products to use. You also may be cleaning out some old products as well. For instance, don't keep your mascara beyond 3-6 months. Lipsticks in a tube up to 2 years, liquid makeup and lip gloss one year and out. New Products of Interest from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist I am really interested in products that do multiple things, especially great for travel.  I am also interested in testing some new organic products since I know they are better for me, however, that doesn't mean they are effective in treatments or even staying on my face or making my hair gorgeous. More on that... I have tried the ever-popular Boom! Jennifer Aniston supposedly used it--a multiple that comes in a little tube, it's a gel-based formula that you can use for blush, lip gloss and even eye shadow. I have to say -- I like it! It's especially since as a different eye shadow for me. (Now your color skin tone and eye color intensity may effect how great this product looks on you.) The blush is great and the lipgloss is okay. I usually like a bolder lip. I do recommend it! I did ask their customer service if they offer other colors beyond the berry-rosy shade. They do not at this time...but maybe they will eventually. For now, I am going to mix Boom with my peach colored Elizabeth Arden cream blush, which is fab! I am a lotion fan--out of necessity since my skin gets reptilian dry in the humid, summer months. From Beauty [...]

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Help! I always buy the wrong makeup…

If you are like most women, a trip to the cosmetics counter can be daunting--yes even for me. Most sales associates recommend far more products than we need, but they sound so convincing…and if they work, what's wrong with that? Anyway, I have learned that ….no. 1, stores want to sell. I overheard a Nordstrom associate talking about how their Lancome sales were behind Saks. Hmmmm, if they are so concerned with dollars, I am sure they will try to talk me into buying products I really don't need. Case in point: I took my niece to a "unnamed" store to get some ideas on acne treatments. The sales associate showed us two cosmetics lines that seemed promising, but insisted the Clarisonic was the best product. Is it surprising this product was by far the most expensive? I have also have learned that if you want to try a new product, most stores will give you samples. This is the way to try something and see if you like it before you invest money in it. I recommend you get a few samples, say of foundation, and try them at home. It will soon be clear which one you like. If you like a lipstick, apply it in the store and see how you like it later such as in natural light. You might decide it's not your color at all! If you are buying night creams, I would do the same thing: start with a sample. Then, buy the smallest jar the store sells. Then, again, you won't be investing money in something you are not sure about. You often have to ask what the different sizes of the product are because I have [...]

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The Latest Across the Pond and Beyond

A couple of my friends went to Europe before we did this fall, and I begged them to notice the latest fashions and trends over there, since we all starts there and comes here 6 months to a year later. One friend told me she saw Converse tennis shoes everywhere...not the white or the black but prints, high tops and torn-up textures. I took my burgundy shoes and wore them some. Unfortunately, they are not comfortable for long walks! Other things...parachute pants. I saw them, too. They are cute on some women...Not something I would invest in, however. I saw several pieces with zippers...zippered tops, zippers on coats as a detail rather than function. I also saw some quilting, very minimal and slim, some on black leather coats. I didn't see "bright" colored jeans, however, except for red and then darker hues such as burgundy, navy, green. I saw some denim with denim, which I am starting to see here, too. I am not a fan of this look...but to each her own! My advice: if you do this look, use different shades of denim such as a light colored denim with a dark rinse or a colored denim. For men, I saw some colored pants, almost a Salmon color, with a light blue denim shirt. One of my friends said Bowling Bags were big in Europe. I did see some. I was drawn to a really pretty Emerald green bag. I talked my husband into buying it as a Christmas gift. It is a different color I really like. Loved it when I saw some pretty dresses, especially in the summer. To me, the dress is the highest example of femininity!   Happy [...]

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Skin Care is for Men, too!

Being in the cosmetics industry, makeup and someone’s look are always on my mind for women and even for men. At a few weddings, some grooms will even let me apply some transparent power or oil control lotion so they won't look shiny at the altar. It takes quite a bit of persuasion, though. Men are often squeamish about skin care and makeup of any kind. That is changing though. Companies realize there is a demand for skin care and even cosmetics for men. Beyond razor burn, men need skin care products just as women do that cleanse, treat acne, control oil, moisturize, exfoliate dead skin, nourish lips, protect from sunburn and help prevent wrinkles. Although it is still common for men to say: “I shave and that is enough.” Product marketers know this: Men will not buy products in pink, girly wrapping with strong fragrance. “I want to keep myself up and maintain my looks, but I’d never use anything that looks like it’s made for my girlfriend,” said a banker (LA Times, by Shan Li, June 23, 2012). Retailers wanting to attract men have come up with a variety of skin-care products with creatively masculine names, packaged in cigar or even liquor bottles. Case in point: Old Spice even has a shampoo called Wolfthorn, packaged in a tall, bright red bottle with two wolves encircling the title. Sometimes my husband says his face is dry or sensitive, so I bought him a new cleanser, and put it in the shower so he could use it in the mornings. It’s called Murad, a clarifying cleaner that claims to reduce 99.9% of irritating surface bacteria as well as treat and prevent acne. So far, he [...]

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