Looking Great on Your Big Day!

Wedding season is certainly here! Believe it or not, next to June, September and October have become hot wedding times. If you work in the wedding business, you are probably […]

How Much Skin Should You Show at Work …

Personal Shopping For Men From Beth Divine

You have probably not thought about this idea. Has much skin should you show at work? Probably, way back when there were rules about this. Now, post-pandemic with our more […]

Committed to Stop Waste!

As I work with more and more clients as your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I find some common themes that I think you can relate to. I can relate to them […]

Interesting Moments in Makeup and Skin Care

I have been an Indiana Image Consultant for about 7 years now, even though I started two years before doing commercial and bridal makeup. I thought you’d enjoy reading about some […]

Holiday Fashion Gifts Under $25

With the challenges of 2020 (a la COVID), your gift-giving budget may be a bit tighter this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style.  Plus, […]

Winter is Coming…

If you were like me, you may have joined in on Game of Thrones very late. My husband coaxed me to watch, although I was afraid of all the violence. […]

The Importance of Your Smile!

Because I think style and image go way beyond clothes, accessories, and makeup. As an Indianapolis Image Consultant, I sometimes delve into ancillary areas that have to do with our image. […]

Image Consultant Tips for Winter Skincare

Happy winter, everyone. Yes, it’s here…if you are like me, your skin may be showing some signs of dryness or you even have some painful hang nails on your fingers. […]

Some Fabulous New Products!

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas, We’re in the middle of summer in Indianapolis, so if you are like me, you’re trying to find some new lighter makeup and skin care products to […]

Help! I always buy the wrong makeup…

If you are like most women, a trip to the cosmetics counter can be daunting–yes even for me. Most sales associates recommend far more products than we need, but they […]