More of my Favorite Things

Carmel Stylist talks about hygiene

It was too hard to tell you all my favorite things in one post, so here is the second installment from your Carmel Personal Stylist. Number Six: Lancome Hydrate & Prep Face Primer As a Carmel Personal Stylist, I have used various primers over the years, but I have really enjoyed this one from Lancome […]

Some of My Favorite Things

Many bloggers do a “favorite things” blog, so I thought – why not. I, your Carmel Personal Stylist, do have some tried and true practices that I think you will find interesting. Top Picks from Your Carmel Personal Stylist Number One: Vaseline The first product is a very old one. Your grandmother probably used it […]

Why I No Longer Buy Over the Counter Skin Care Products…

In this blog, I am going to be very transparent. As an Image Consultant, I used to do bridal makeup so I would briefly touch on skin and the importance of having a good routine of cleansing. As well as, treating issues, exfoliation, and moisturizing. Often I’d recommend using most of the products from the […]

Looking Great on Your Big Day!

Wedding season is certainly here! Believe it or not, next to June, September and October have become hot wedding times. If you work in the wedding business, you are probably already booking appointments, looking at current trends, and helping clients shop for dresses. Consider working with me as your pick your dresses, colors sand makeup […]

How Much Skin Should You Show at Work …

Personal Shopping For Men From Beth Divine

You have probably not thought about this idea. Has much skin should you show at work? Probably, way back when there were rules about this. Now, post-pandemic with our more casual work wardrobes, who knows? But nonetheless, I do think it’s worth examining. An Indiana Wardrobe Stylist’s Work Wear Advice As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, […]

Committed to Stop Waste!

As I work with more and more clients as your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I find some common themes that I think you can relate to. I can relate to them as well because I am a consumer and lover of color, style, new outfits, etc. But my budget is not unlimited, and I am finding […]

Interesting Moments in Makeup and Skin Care

I have been an Indiana Image Consultant for about 7 years now, even though I started two years before doing commercial and bridal makeup. I thought you’d enjoy reading about some of my experiences with makeup and styling clients, men and women, and some of the most basic principles I like to cover, early in the […]

Holiday Fashion Gifts Under $25

With the challenges of 2020 (a la COVID), your gift-giving budget may be a bit tighter this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style.  Plus, sometimes the price tag isn’t always the best indicator of a good gift. No matter your situation, spending fewer dollars doesn’t mean the thoughtfulness of […]

Winter is Coming…

If you were like me, you may have joined in on Game of Thrones very late. My husband coaxed me to watch, although I was afraid of all the violence. But I became hooked, and I was especially interested because it was filmed in Iceland, a beautiful place we visited almost two years ago. You […]

The Importance of Your Smile!

Because I think style and image go way beyond clothes, accessories, and makeup. As an Indianapolis Image Consultant, I sometimes delve into ancillary areas that have to do with our image. It may be posture, how we pronounce words, and attitudes. It is interesting to note that sometimes when clients contact me, I can tell so […]