Why I No Longer Buy Over the Counter Skin Care Products…

In this blog, I am going to be very transparent. As an Image Consultant, I used to do bridal makeup so I would briefly touch on skin and the importance of having a good routine of cleansing. As well as, treating issues, exfoliation, and moisturizing. Often I’d recommend using most of the products from the same line such as Lancome, Clarins, Channel, etc.

I think those practices served me well for many years. But not, it’s been several years since I did professional makeup, and I have adjusted my skincare routine along the way. Most of the time, that meant adding products that did special things such as spot removal, hydration, etc. I also started getting a peel twice a year, dermaplane,  and facials every so often.

My Skin Routine as an Image Consultant

One day I was cleaning out the bathroom and looked at all the products I was using. There were so many products, probably nearly 8-10. This was a considerable expense, adding on the facials and peels I did. I, your Image Consultant, was talking to a friend of mine who had started going to a Med Spa esthetician. She did facials about every other month, but the most important fact I learned was that some of the products were prescription-strength. They were stronger than any products I could purchase over the counter, and thus I needed less of the product.

Image Consultant beauty suggestionsI saw this saw professional, and let her recommend what I needed based on what she saw in my skin. We went over all of my products, and she recommended that I use them and not purchase anymore. My goal was to reduce the number of products I purchase, maybe just 3-4 including face and eye cream.

As an Image Consultant, I am still going to this MedSpa and am very happy with the results. The number one reason for this? I no longer keep up and purchase the latest, greatest new skin care products. I am purchasing a few products because the ones I use are stronger, and I am seeing more results. This is one less department store purchase I make. It is so much more simple.

Now I do still purchase makeup and a mild cleanser over the counter. But even with this, I try to adopt the philosophy that less is more. So what is my recommendation for you? During those times when you do see an esthetician and get a facial or some other service, ask for an evaluation. Listen to the product recommendations this professional make. I would even say, ask what service you think I need, based on my skin type.

As an Image Consultant, I am also a fan of going back to the same professional long-term. It is similar to getting your hair cut. Over time, your stylist learns your hair texture and is the expert on the best cut.

I would not be that person who schedules a facial with someone and says I want this and that — but is not open to the professional doing an evaluation and making recommendations that you listen to. Reach out to learn more today!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Image Consultant