Image Consultant Tips for Winter Skincare

Happy winter, everyone. Yes, it’s here…if you are like me, your skin may be showing some signs of dryness or you even have some painful hang nails on your fingers. It’s not fun, but would this even be a Beth Divine blog if I didn’t provide my Image Consultant insight on such topic?! I have […]

Some Fabulous New Products!

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas, We’re in the middle of summer in Indianapolis, so if you are like me, you’re trying to find some new lighter makeup and skin care products to use. You also may be cleaning out some old products as well. For instance, don’t keep your mascara beyond 3-6 months. Lipsticks in a tube […]

Help! I always buy the wrong makeup…

If you are like most women, a trip to the cosmetics counter can be daunting–yes even for me. Most sales associates recommend far more products than we need, but they sound so convincing…and if they work, what’s wrong with that? Anyway, I have learned that ….no. 1, stores want to sell. I overheard a Nordstrom […]

The Latest Across the Pond and Beyond

A couple of my friends went to Europe before we did this fall, and I begged them to notice the latest fashions and trends over there, since we all know…fashion starts there and comes here 6 months to a year later. One friend told me she saw Converse tennis shoes everywhere…not the white or the […]

Skin Care is for Men, too!

Being in the cosmetics industry, makeup and someone’s look are always on my mind for women and even for men. At a few weddings, some grooms will even let me apply some transparent power or oil control lotion so they won’t look shiny at the altar. It takes quite a bit of persuasion, though. Men […]