Back To School Part 2: Boys Capsule Outfits

Back to School Shopping Part 2: A Supercharged Boy Wardrobe! A few blogs ago, we focused on a back-to-school capsule wardrobe for the girls. Now we are switching gears to explore options for the boys. This Indianapolis Capsule Wardrobe Stylist used to hate trying to get the kids dressed for school. A capsule wardrobe ends the […]

Yellow: The Joys and The Pitfalls

If you haven’t yet heard, Yellow (and grey) are the Pantone Colors of the Year. As an Image Consultant, I first became familiar with Pantone colors in my first writing job and seeing my graphic designer colleague select colors for our various publications. It was so interesting to see what she put together. Pantone picked […]

Packing For Travel Once Its Safe Again

Even though it seems the end is not in sight, there will come a time again when we have meetings live, although no one really knows how often that will be. As more people get the vaccine and COVID-19 rates continue to go down, which is wonderful, our world will shirt to some kind of […]

Buying Jeans You’ll Love

Most of us have had a lifelong love affair with jeans that started years ago. Maybe it’s the first item you really picked out yourself or one of the first ways you remember making any kind of style statement. You probably kept the jeans for years — they are, after all, a staple in your […]

Winter Doldrums – Shake Up Your Fashion

Mens Wardrobe Consulting is a speciality of Beth Divine Style

When February comes, this Indianapolis Personal Stylist thinks one of two things. Once February is over, spring is coming. I can’t wait! Even though March in Indiana can be very winter-like. You never know. This March is my 20th wedding anniversary, and we were married on the most beautiful March day — it was 55 […]

Move Over, Little Black Dress

Move over little black dress. This Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist thinks it’s time to share the spotlight and make way for the rosier of hues just in time for Valentine’s Day. Whether you are venturing out with your love or your gal pals, consider how the red dress could add a super punch to your wardrobe during […]

And Now For 2021

If you’re like me you are starting to feel optimistic about planning a real vacation — that is a trip where you actually fly somewhere. Within the last year, I have only flown once, and it was to Richmond, Virginia, to a five-day Image Consultant conference. It was a strange experience even then. Atlanta airport was a […]

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