And Now For 2021

If you’re like me you are starting to feel optimistic about planning a real vacation — that is a trip where you actually fly somewhere. Within the last year, I have only flown once, and it was to Richmond, Virginia, to a five-day Image Consultant conference. It was a strange experience even then. Atlanta airport was a ghost town, and I was lucky to find a good lunch because so many of the restaurants were closed. Of course, I understood why and supported the half-capacity status.

I made the mistake of wearing a polyester masks that was very difficult to wear. After that, I am much more careful not only masks are made — do they really cover my nose and mouth — as well as the fabric. I think lined, 100 percent cotton masks are the best. It’s funny even when you love color, design, and shape as I do, in a mask, I am all about finding something that is comfortable. There have been times when I have been shopping with a client and have to wear it for 6 hours. So – comfort is key.

Image Consultant Wants To Know Your Goals For 2021

Anyway, as you start to think about this year and what it holds for you, will you be going back to the office. Or continue to work at home? I have heard different scenarios from some of my clients, and recently someone told me she was not returning to the office until 2022! That is hard to believe.

MyCloset is an Exclusive Service offered by Image Consultant Beth DivineAnyway, we met to shop and before that, I worked extensively on making some outfits for her in my service, MyCloset. I am finding some Image Consultant clients really like this service because it holds pics of all of your pieces of clothing in a “virtual” closet. I can then go in and make outfits — many, many outfits and show so many style options. As I do this exercise, it becomes very clear if there is an item my client needs. For instance, in the closet I show below, this client did not have any classic, light color dress shoe. She had yellow flats, cheetah, and python print but not a light color shoe that was basic.

Online Closets Are A Socially Distant Way To Maintain Your Image

What is also great about the online closet is that I can divide clothing into types such as casual, date night, business formal, etc., and it makes the type of outfit easier to create. Having the online photos and sections also gives me a great overview of the colors, prints, styles of clothing. It shows me if my client overbuys a certain color, print, or type. It makes it easier to add variety and see how that works for the wardrobe.

My client has some old pics of outfits that I physically put together for her and she said — “I refer to them every day.” That comment alone tells me that online closets can work.

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If you have trouble putting together outfits, contact me about my new style service specifically for teaching you how to do that, or my closet service that gives you a very practical picture of your wardrobe and how to make it work for you.


Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC, Image Consultant