Buying Jeans You’ll Love

Most of us have had a lifelong love affair with jeans that started years ago. Maybe it’s the first item you really picked out yourself or one of the first ways you remember making any kind of style statement. You probably kept the jeans for years — they are, after all, a staple in your closet.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Loves Jeans

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Beth Divine Gives You Great Tips For Shopping For JeansOf course, I have a memory — or two to share. You wouldn’t expect any less from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist! I remember buying my first pair of unusual jeans that were not blue or bell-bottomed as were popular at the time. They were straight-legged, and they were a green and navy floral. Oh, how I loved them. I liked to wear them with a white T-shirt or even a yellow blouse. They were so fab!

I also remember a few years ago the first year I was working more at home than I was in the office, and I started embracing the denim pencil skirt. I still do love them. I would pair them with sandals, colorful flats, fun blouses, or just a striped tee.

Breaking Down Jean Styles

Fast forward to today, and so much has changed in the denim we buy. We have distressed jeans along with several different washes of jeans. There are many different cuts for tall, slim, curvy, petite, plus; straight, flare-leg, bell-bottomed, straight leg, and of course the beloved skinny jean. Jeans are now much more stretchy, thanks to the level of Lycra in them. We have low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise cuts.

Guys can similarly buy jeans with many of these options as well, going so far beyond the various favorites such as Wrangler or Levi 501’s.

Finding the Perfect Jeans

While all the choices seem wonderful, at the same time the process can be so intimidating. Sound familiar? Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist and Image Consultant is here with tips and an offer of help. I have had many, many shopping trips with clients where we were successful in finding the perfect jeans. The one requirement: patience and a meeting with me to measure you and determine your shape and the best fit in jeans.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist’s Tips For Shopping For Jeans

  • Buy them snug because they stretch. Now I am not saying buy them so tight you cannot sit down. But they should be snug because most jeans, not all, will stretch.
  • Let your jeans reflect your fashion style. If you love to be different, jeans that are one of a kind are perfect. These could be jeans with embellishments, patches, design elements such as different hardware or buttons, or other fun details.
  • Know your rise and shape/build. If you have a very long rise you can probably not wear low-rise. (this is the measurement from your crotch area to our bellybutton.) It’s also good to know your inseam since many stores offer different lengths.
  • Cuts also cater to different shape challenges. For instance, someone who’s very curvy looks better in a straight jean instead of a super skinny jean that emphasizes the hips. Also smaller waisted people might find a curvy cut is a God-send for them.
  • Since they are so many options out there, don’t be afraid to try them. Don’t give up easily. You will likely try on several pairs of jeans.
    Also, beware of super-stretchy jeans. They won’t fit over the long haul and could end up even being baggy.
  • A good way to test jeans is to try them on, and then take them off and look at the fabric. If the jeans have relaxed back to their original shape, that’s good quality jeans. If not, do not buy them.

Find Your Best Jeans With Beth Divine Style

Everybody is different, and every body is different. Not every pair of jeans in your size fits. Take the guesswork out of jean shopping, or anything clothing for that matter, but working with Indianapolis Personal Stylist Beth Divine can help you learn how to find your style and body shape to find the best jeans every time! I offer a variety of services tailored to your needs. There are many benefits to investing in your personal style. Contact me to learn more!


Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI CIC

Certified Image Consultant & Indianapolis Personal Stylist