Winter Doldrums – Shake Up Your Fashion

Mens Wardrobe Consulting is a speciality of Beth Divine Style

When February comes, this Indianapolis Personal Stylist thinks one of two things. Once February is over, spring is coming. I can’t wait! Even though March in Indiana can be very winter-like. You never know. This March is my 20th wedding anniversary, and we were married on the most beautiful March day — it was 55 degrees, sunny and warm. We had the most beautiful outdoor photos in downtown Indianapolis! Anyway, being positive about warmer weather may not be much of a motivation for you when you think about how you look, what you wear and how you put outfits together.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Wants To Excite Your Style

Here are some tips to pump some fun and enthusiasm into your style and daily look (for men, too).

New Accessories

Add some new accessories you don’t have or usually reach for. Or find a new version of a favorite you often use. I have been really interested in finding some colorful silk scarves. I am looking a really nice Hermes one. As an Indianapolis Personal Stylist, I encourage my clients to look for universal colors that pep up all of our clothing in colors such as royal blue, turquoise, baby blue, or even green. Add them in fun ways such as a headscarf, a belt, or a funnel neck. I really like to add color to my basic third layer pieces such as blazers, cashmere dusters or even denim jackets.

New Ways To Wear Old Accessories

Learn a new way to tie a scarf or even combine two different scarves to make it fun. Find other accessories that can be worn in different ways to give them a new purpose.

Play With Your Colors

Try some new color combinations you’ve never worn. Some of my favorites are:

  • A Color Analysis By An Indianapolis Image Consultant will find the colors that look best on youred and brown
  • turquoise and brown
  • royal and brown
  • cream, camel, and grey
  • red and camel or red and brown

I have been embracing a bright red with purple, burgundy, and even coral. (But that is me).

New Clothes Could Motivate Your Style

It might be a good time to add in some spring tops with your winter basics in fun colors or designs. Sometimes just a new piece or two can be added to outfits to make them seem new, and not a tired cold-weather outfit you loved in December but are tired of now.

Start A New Skincare Routine & Makeup

This time of year is a good time to begin or continue some good skin care that includes moisturizers. As an Indianapolis Personal Stylist, I can’t stress enough the importance of a good skincare routine.  By February, you might really need a facial or just some new makeup as well. I wear a red lip all the time, but if that is too bold for you, just try a new color.

Don’t Neglect Your Hair.

I am always conditioning my hair, and I hope you are as well. February is also a good time of year to do some special treatments if your hair feels dry and lifeless. I am also in favor of getting haircuts that are a little shorter. I think they allow hair to grow out, new and strong.

Indianapolis Personal Stylists Spring Picks

Guys, maybe this is the time to look at a new coat or jacket — a blazer, a bomber jacket, a leather jacket, or just an olive military jacket. Don’t forget to find some smooth, comfortable shoes in nice leather.

Many winter styles may be on sale now at better stores such as Nordstrom, Saks or Allen Edmunds (that also has beautiful bags and outerwear). This shirt can seem very spring-like with some white sneakers and a denim jacket.

Ladies, I like a good silk blouse. Silk can go with all colors of jeans, cords, etc, Who doesn’t love a silk shirt?

Indianapolis Personal Styling Services

If the idea of spring shopping fills you with dread, then contact Beth Divine Style to get a style boost! Whether it’s learning how to moisturize properly, or getting a second opinion on that hair color you’ve always wanted to try, I offer a variety of Indianapolis Personal Styling services fit for men and women of any age! Check out real client before & after stories to see how image consulting can help you too!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC, Indianapolis Personal Stylist