Packing For Travel Once Its Safe Again

Even though it seems the end is not in sight, there will come a time again when we have meetings live, although no one really knows how often that will be. As more people get the vaccine and COVID-19 rates continue to go down, which is wonderful, our world will shirt to some kind of new normal. Even though that may seem like a faraway pipe dream, it is there. We can only anticipate it. This Indianapolis Styling Consultant is planning an island vacation. The wanderlust is real. I mentioned before that our family has been extremely cautious, and vacations have just not happened. But once we have our vaccines…the suitcases come out, the travel list is made and my travels will happen.

Indianapolis Styling Consultant Tips For Travel Style

I have added a new travel list to my website,  but decided to share it first here to my loyal blog followers.

It can be really difficult packing for trips because even when you know something about your destination, what you will be doing and generally what you like to wear, there is always something uncertain that throws a wrench in your plans.

My husband loves to joke about all the times I don’t pack a warm coat and end up buying some type of warm sweatshirt or coat that I end of not using again or make a less than perfect fashion decision in desperation. For instance, I remember being in Paris in the early spring. Temps were generally never below 50-45 degrees, but this one time they plunged to mid-30s. My perfect trench coat was certainly not enough. Especially as it started to pour icy rain. So before all this happened, I went to H&M, common in Europe, and bought a snug white puffer coat. It was adorable. Looking back the photos later, however, I realized it made my look like a square marsh mellow. I was sporting the cutest pink beret, however, that were everywhere in Paris.

Variety Is Key, Even If The Weather Doesn’t Call For It

So if this Indianapolis Styling Consultant is to impart some advice about packing for travel, I will say what every travel agent used to tell people, back when we used travel agents exclusively, dress for the activities you will do.

  • Indianapolis Styling Consultant recommends packing for every vacation activityKnow what you are doing, and dress for it.
  • Plan on clothes getting dirty so take plenty of spares that go with your core colors.
  • Bring plenty of layering pieces such as cardigans, denim jackets, blazers, lightweight coats, etc.
  • Bring a packable winter coat. I recently purchased a Tumi coat that also doubles as a vest when you zip out the sleeves.
  • Bring some dressy outfits and shoes that look great. Vacation is the time I go out to dinner, go to concerts, and generally, I really want to look nice.
  • Bring clothes for working out, hiking, running, if you plan to do that.

Be Ready For Anything At Anytime

I like to pick a core color for basics such as navy and white, and then have a few neutral tops and statement tops that coordinate. The dresses I choose don’t have to go since they are just a few pieces.

I always have a bag of toiletries packed in my suitcase in travel sizes. It makes last-minute trips so easy. I also have copies of all my ID in my suitcase, too, and put them in the hotel safe.

Free Stuff From Your Indianapolis Styling Consultant

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Beth Divine shares her checklist for looking great on any vacationMy Complete Travel Packing Checklist and style quizzes are available through the “Free Stuff” section of my website. Picture this: you take the style quiz and then buy some outfits to match your style before your next vacay. You’ll love your look in every picture! If your next getaway is that long-pushed back destination wedding, contact Beth Divine Style, your Indianapolis Styling Consultant to find a flattering and beautiful outfit for the occasion.

Keep it sassy, Indy!
Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Image Consultant and Indianapolis Styling Consultant