Making Your Wardrobe Relevant as You Age…

As an Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist, I often hear my clients say: “I want to look great and young, but I don’t want to look too young.” It’s a perfect balance that is sometimes hard to strike. I think about it, too. Here are some general tips for “age-proofing” your style. They may surprise you. Indianapolis […]

Want to Lose or Just Maintain Your Weight: Get Your Protein!

If I had $5 for any client who told me he/she is on a diet or needs lose weight, I would be a wealthy woman! That is why I am diverting from my usual Carmel Wardrobe Stylist blog post and featuring a client, Susan St. Angelo, who now counsels clients in wellness and nutrition. I […]

Carmel Personal Stylist Says “Wearing Wigs is Now Cool!”

Did you know that wigs and hair extensions are becoming more mainstream–even a fashion trend? I didn’t think about wigs often until one of my Carmel Personal Stylist clients educated me about them. She was relatively young and wore her hair very short. I asked her, “Why don’t you grow your hair out or style it more?” […]

Three Ways to Have Your Best Image!

Men's Styling can be enhanced with help from Beth Divine

In late December of 2022 and now into early 2023, it seems the word of the year is layoffs. Before I was an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I worked in the office I went through the possibility of layoff two different times, with two different companies. In both jobs, the deciding factory to downsize was attrition. […]

Ladies: Are Your Clothes Aging You!

Most of my clients are between the ages of 45 and 65. You might say they are “of a certain age.” This is a fantastic time of life for many reasons, not the least being you understand yourself better than you did in your youth. Therefore, it is the prime time for dressing for yourself, […]

Looking Great on Your Big Day!

Wedding season is certainly here! Believe it or not, next to June, September and October have become hot wedding times. If you work in the wedding business, you are probably already booking appointments, looking at current trends, and helping clients shop for dresses. Consider working with me as your pick your dresses, colors sand makeup […]

Interesting Moments in Makeup and Skin Care

I have been an Indiana Image Consultant for about 7 years now, even though I started two years before doing commercial and bridal makeup. I thought you’d enjoy reading about some of my experiences with makeup and styling clients, men and women, and some of the most basic principles I like to cover, early in the […]

Image Consulting, Appearance and Etiquette

Other services that I trained to do that go beyond personal shopping and wardrobe are these: Best Accessories Education about Clothing Choices What Pieces You need in a Wardrobe Skincare for Men Skincare for Women Makeup Consultation for Women Best Hairstyle Recommendations Hygiene Dining Etiquette Many of these services fall under an Image Consultant‘s duty. […]

Why Manners Apply to the Gym, too!

So…you’ve established a routine at the gym. You’re comfortable there; you like how you look when you work out, and you’re starting to see some results. That’s wonderful! Keep up the good work. Of course, being Indiana’s only certified Image Consultant, I just have to discuss the less obvious part of working out in a […]

Winter Doldrums – Shake Up Your Fashion

Mens Wardrobe Consulting is a speciality of Beth Divine Style

When February comes, this Indianapolis Personal Stylist thinks one of two things. Once February is over, spring is coming. I can’t wait! Even though March in Indiana can be very winter-like. You never know. This March is my 20th wedding anniversary, and we were married on the most beautiful March day — it was 55 […]