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Winter is Coming…

If you were like me, you may have joined in on Game of Thrones very late. My husband coaxed me to watch, although I was afraid of all the violence. But I became hooked, and I was especially interested because it was filmed in Iceland, a beautiful place we visited almost two years ago. You see I was like many people who believed that Iceland was an ice cube and a terrible place to visit. Actually, it's Greenland that is the ice cube; Iceland is a green wonder of nature most of the time. When it rains there, you do see the ice, hence its name! Anyway, this blog is about Winter is coming- so why should you care? Everyone seems to have an opinion about winter: Even Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming! This statement is shrouded in mystery or dread, or both. I know I used to like winter more than I do now. If I can escape it at least once to a warm place I seem to "weather" it better. This year is not looking good for that vacation to a sunny beach. As an Indiana Image Consultant, I just want to remind you to prepare your skin for the harsh dry winter up ahead. Winter is Coming - Is Your Skin Ready? Your Indiana Image Consultant is here to help prepare you for winter. Moisturizing is key in your cleansing routine. Not just your skin, but also your hair. Nearly all of us have drier skin in the winter. That means we need to treat our skin. I have dry skin all the time, so in the winter I continue to moisturize. I do this with a careful selection of various lotions and [...]

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What is Your Style, and How Important is it?

As a personal stylist and Image Consultant, many clients ask me: "what is my style?" I don’t think I know it. They often appear confused and sad they don’t know this supposedly important key to their life. I think this attitude often appears because of the vast amount of press and blogs by stylists who talk about this subject. Is it important to know your style? Yes, of course, it is. Is it the only, most important factor to know in helping clients create a wardrobe that works for them and their lifestyle? I would say “no.” Let's define what "style" means. Style is what clothing and looks you prefer as a person. It goes beyond just clothing but it can also touche on lifestyle and grooming. It is "fun" to know your style and then how to make it work in the life you lead. In this blog, I will define the most common styles for women. And if you're still unsure which style you fit into, we got a little quiz to help as well! Most Popular Styles For Women Classic: Individuals that like a classic style tend to lean towards a more tailored look. Clothing that would last for years and look professional. Classic is neutral and not attention-getting. A person who favors a class style can spice it up a little with a more fashion-forward top such as a halter or asymmetrical neckline. Most of the time, they like straight lines with prints that are not too out of the ordinary. Someone in this group might be hesitant to try a trendy new look, or an unusual color or print. I am also going to put those who love Menswear into this [...]

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Looking Chic at the Holiday Season!

Hello everyone! Like it or not, the holidays are coming now, one by one. After Halloween, they are there all in a row: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and even Valentine's Day. If you are like me, you like to look festive and nice. We all want that, right. So, here are some ideas from your Indianapolis Men's and Women's  Indianapolis Personal Stylist. Holidays with Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist First, think about practical things: what are you doing at this event. Are you cooking? Are you hosting and just greeting people? Are you making a dish and bring it to a big gathering. These particular things will guide you as you pick your outfit. Or are you going to an elegant party where you want to make a statement? Are you sitting in an audience, dancing on the dance floor, standing in a cocktail reception? These things will guide your choices as well. In this blog, I am focusing on the more low-key, family at someone's home events.  You can still dress up but you want to be comfortable. For these gatherings, I lean toward pretty blouses (maybe not billowing sleeves if I am in the kitchen helping) in flattering colors for me such as earth tones, greens, etc., that especially say fall. The colors you pick will depend on your Wow colors. (If you haven't had your Wow Colors done, you need to do it. For me, it was the most important thing I did to establish my style and really set up my closet. I, your Indianapolis Personal Stylist,  had been spending too much money on colors/clothing that was popular but didn't look good on me such as black, olive green, bright pink. I now [...]

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When It’s Time to Find a New Hair Stylist…

This blog is for everyone -- men and gals because we all from time to time hire a professional to cut, style and even color our hair. Ladies often have stylists wax and shape their eyebrows, too. That's a pretty broad group of people, so that's why I am writing about this today. Hair Advice From Your Certified Image Consultant A couple of months ago I was in Toronto for my color analysis training and update. While I was there it was interesting to see when our teacher would suggest to clients (who had come in to let us practice doing color analysis on them) to change their hair color back to a more "natural" color. As you can imagine, this was not well received. One of the gals had very warm coloring -- deep brown eyes and tan skin -- yet her hair color was a pretty light, ash blonde. Don't we all want to be blonde? Anyway, it was suggested to her that she needed to return to her natural hair color. The clients said -- no. She didn't want to do that and couldn't see the reasoning. Most of the time I, your Certified Image Consultant, agree, a hair color that more closely matches what you had as a child will be the better choice. While I do have highlighted blonde hair, the color is nearly identical to what I had as a child, an ash blonde with some highlights. Anyway, what I have found lately with hairstylists is that they want to do what is trendy in hairstyle/color etc., rather than what is better for you. Many of us just go along with this trendiness because, no. 1, we don't really [...]

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From Your Image Consultant: Do You Have Your 16 Points?

The next two blogs from your favorite Image Consultant are about issues we all deal with as humans: grooming and your image surrounding that. I know it's strange that I compare us to our two cats. Stay with me. Our big, fluffy Maine Coon loves to groom himself. He loves to clean his long, thick hair and asks to be brushed at least three times a day. He probably feels better afterwards. Our other kitty, Nellie, who is a domestic long haired kitty has very long grey hair as well. Her hair is more stringy and tends to pick up dust, etc. Nellie does not love to be groomed by us and sometimes doesn't groom herself. An Image Consultant Points for Grooming People can be the same way in their grooming and thus their image. I fall somewhere in the middle of all this. While I am not a natural style -- ladies who shun makeup and jewelry, etc. -- I have never really been a high maintenance woman either. Ever since I cut my super long locks in my senior year of high school and opted for a short, curly cap of hair, I have not sought to spend hours getting ready in the morning for the perfect image. I am lucky in that I have naturally curly hair, and when I have a great hair cut I can use a little product and go! Early in my Image Consultant training my teacher showed me her consultant favorite 16-Point Test commonly used by stylists to show their clients some ways they can have a put together image and perfectly groomed. Basically, you get a point for each of these things: Did you do your [...]

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Image Consultant Tips for Winter Skincare

Happy winter, everyone. Yes, it’s here…if you are like me, your skin may be showing some signs of dryness or you even have some painful hang nails on your fingers. It’s not fun, but would this even be a Beth Divine blog if I didn't provide my Image Consultant insight on such topic?! I have always had dry skin, and I am always talking to other experts about what to do about it. As a consultant, I want to have a wealth of knowledge that I can pass on to my clients no matter what the subject. Believe it or not, central to controlling dry skin are two things: exfoliating and having routine manicures. This is something most women do, but men may not do it. Men—yes, I am talking to you—men can get manicures, too. Getting a manicure as a male won't hurt your image. No, it doesn't have to involve bright pink nail polish but would involve cutting back cuticles, moisturizing nails and basically grooming your hands. I have to think of something this week: Last Sunday, watching the C-Span show, the host did a camera close-up on a document, and there for all to see were his ragged, rough nails and hands. I had to look away. Take my word for it: grooming for men is important for your personal brand and image. Dear Image Consultant, What Products Do I Use? Okay, enough with beating that dead horse. What do you look for in products for dryer skin? There are so many products out there. As your Image Consultant, I am here to the rescue. Look for products without or very little water in them. You can find this on the ingredients [...]

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Make it a Happy New Year!

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas, This will go out between two holidays, so I am giving myself a break and doing a lighter topic. We are also moving next week -- in the same zip code -- but nonetheless all the work, joy, etc., of a new home. Since I am an Indianapolis Personal Stylist, not an interior decorator, I have been a little lost picking paint colors for our new house, and deciding what old furniture we keep and what we buy. For starters, the house we are moving into is completely different from the house we live in. That compounds my confusion! LOL..But in some ways, the principles of color and design are the same with interior design. This is what I've learned: Like in your outfit planning, you want to add contrast and pop, right? I ended up consulting with a lady named Teresa who is an interior decorator and a Sherwin Williams consultant. She helped me pick my paint colors and my upholstery colors for my chairs and couches (just covering some existing furniture the cats and Michael love). We ended up picking a very pale grey and pale yellow for the hallway, dining room and other rooms in the first floor. If you are not sure of your furniture/house style, go to Houzz. I added my "pop" in the furniture: I recovered my couches in apple green (not dark though), and then picked a houndstooth print of turquoise and green on cream for one chair and a navy, hunter green, blue and green print for the larger chair. Rug will most likely be neutral. These will pop against the very pale grey walls. The trim is a very bright white. The main objective [...]

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The Parable of the Five Scarves

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas, As I had mentioned before -- I am not going to give you tips on what to buy people for Christmas -- beyond my gift certificates, LOL!! Tongue in cheek -- what I'd like to talk about in this blog is a philosophy about how you buy -- a principle that you can think about all year as you buy clothes for yourself and even gift them to others. I did mention in another blog to be careful about "gifting" clothes to loved ones unless you can totally nail their size and style, or have had previous success in buying for others. Accessories -- albeit Winter, cozy accessories -- are always a good idea for gifting. Who doesn't love a cashmere scarf or leather gloves lived in leopard? Or a cozy wool scarf? It's an easy gift but usually much appreciated. That being said -- now more about my styling philosophy. I have to function in the world we live in right now -- and that is a world full of enormous buying options and cheap clothing available more than ever before. Just like cable television, we now have a myriad of buying options for our clothes--online, subscription boxes, consignment, clothing rental and retail stores from high-end to very inexpensive. That doesn't make the job an easier, however. I can tell you the clients I work with are often confused and overwhelmed with all the online options as well as what is in the stores. Part of the problem is that sizing is so different and varies from store to store and medium -- online versus the box store. Did you know that online sizing is slightly larger than what you find [...]

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Common Mistakes Women Make…

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas, I hope you are easing into the holidays and not getting too stressed out. If you do, take a minute, take a keep breath, enjoy a cup of tea or hot cocoa. Rest. Watch a Christmas movie. (Repeat if you can!) Anyway, this blog is one I do from time to time to give you my opinions on beauty, dressing your best and not falling into the mistakes many women make -- including me. First, I am talking about makeup. Yes, I wear it. My goal is to achieve a natural look. That means several things -- I don't draw on big eyebrows or make them a dark color that looks unnatural. This is something many women do as they begin to lose eyebrow hair -- or they may have never had great eyebrows and think drawing them on will solve the trick. It's true -- brows are very important. They frame your face, and the right shape is so flattering to you. So -- try not to use too much brow makeup or a color that doesn't look natural. I like Lancome's eyebrow pencils as well as even light brown eye shadow applied with a brush. Don't forget to pluck stray hairs or get an eyebrow was from time to time. Check out Mally Believable Brows Shaping & Sculpting System w/ Brush. Second, watch the shimmer -- especially after the age of 40. This is especially true with eye shadow. Shimmer draws attention to any wrinkles around your eyes or any darkness. If you want to use a little shimmer cream around your cheekbones -- try it. See how it looks, especially in natural light. Also, ladies don't overdo the eyeshadow. [...]

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Gift Giving With Panache!

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas! Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa-la-la-la-la...Okay, not into the spirit yet? For me, Christmas really is about all the beautiful music. I love it. I'm usually in the choir and we do a special Christmas concert. It's fun to dress up and sing. I also like to bake at Christmas. I might make my mom's popular Snowball cookies with lots of butter, powdered sugar and pecans. They are good, and I usually make a rich chocolate fudge, but this year... Anyway, of course, beyond the traditions we all have at the holidays, at the core of it is buying gifts. This can be intimidating to people. I have not always been the best at buying gifts. I will never forget really early in my professional career we had an office gift exchange. I bought my co-worker brown bathroom towels. Now, they are popular, but back then...She was so angry, she wanted me to take the towels back. Not nice (well, she wasn't nice, overall anyway.) Since then, I have improved at personal shopping -- I hope so since I do it for a living. I really think the best gift givers are good listeners. They try to find clues year-round to find the perfect gifts for family and friends. I remember one friend and I discussed Downton Abbey constantly. When our public radio station offered a special gift, I "gifted" it to her. She loved it. Or just keep up with what's popular: my husband is a great gift giver because he see's what's popular and knows someone will want these items. (It's an interesting perspective.) For those on your Christmas list who are more difficult to shop for, I [...]

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