Three Ways to Have Your Best Image!

In late December of 2022 and now into early 2023, it seems the word of the year is layoffs. Before I was an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I worked in the office I went through the possibility of layoff two different times, with two different companies. In both jobs, the deciding factory to downsize was attrition. What that meant for me, was when someone left my little department their tasks were divided among those who stayed. It wasn’t always pleasant.

As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I can tell you it is scary to work during these times since unnecessary services are usually stopped during financial turmoil. So what advice would I have to those who may be facing layoffs but are not at that point, or even for those who are not laid off at this time but are unhappy about how their company is projecting for the upcoming quarters?

Your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist Advice for good hygiene Indiana Wardrobe Stylist Advice for Your Best Image

First, as an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I believe you should always put your image first. This does not just mean dressing in the latest trends. At the very basic level, it means having impeccable hygiene and self-care. That means showering daily, wearing deodorant and sunscreen, washing your face, brushing your teeth, and making sure you don’t have bad breath.

Additionally, keep your hair clean and current. It’s surprising to me when I think about it, but  I would say 8/10 of the clients I work with need a hairstyle update or a discussion about basic skin care and what that means for them. It is good way to update your style with minimum investment. People will notice, too.

As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I believe the second most important way to improve your image is a great smile! You should get good dental care. Check-ups, cavity treatment, and teeth cleaning are basic. Beyond that, if you are an adult who has had crooked teeth or other issues since you were a child and they were never addressed at that point — it’s never too late. Many adults get braces, veneers, or other treatments late in life. They love the end result! Many orthodontists and surgeons have payment plans so the cost will not prohibitive. Your smile is one of the most valuable image tools you have!

The third most important way to improve your image is to make sure your clothes are clean and flattering to you. This is not the time to stand out with bizarre styles and colors. Dress for your job whatever that is. If you’re on camera, the rules still apply. As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I cannot tell you how many times on TV I have seen reporters, guests or others with dandruff that shows on their clothing.

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Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Indiana Wardrobe Stylist