Image Consulting, Appearance and Etiquette

Other services that I trained to do that go beyond personal shopping and wardrobe are these:

  • Image Consultant on Appearance and EtiquetteBest Accessories
  • Education about Clothing Choices
  • What Pieces You need in a Wardrobe
  • Skincare for Men
  • Skincare for Women
  • Makeup Consultation for Women
  • Best Hairstyle Recommendations
  • Hygiene
  • Dining Etiquette

Many of these services fall under an Image Consultant‘s duty. It’s very interesting, actually, how often hygiene and etiquette come up in appointments. There have been times I have met with clients and can tell immediately that hygiene is an issue with them – it might be unclean teeth, their breath or just an overall odor. I carefully consider how I am going to handle it – if at all.

Often these issues are holding someone back. It might not even be their clothing or overall appearance. In all reality, however, these issues are much harder for an Image Consultant to address because they say something deeper.

What does an Image Consultant Do?

I have been sought out by clients to work with a child on his or her hygiene. That can be very tough, but it is very important because it can be easily corrected. This work is very rewarding to me because I feel I have helped someone in a huge way!

Also, very basic ways to improve your image is clean teeth, flossing, and using Listerine. Also, breath mints such as Altoids or Tic Tacs are a huge help to maintaining a pleasant image and presentation. Sometimes people don’t even think about doing this, or they were raised in a home where this hygiene was not really pursued or emphasized.

Image Consultant suggestion for WomenIn some of my coaching sessions last year, I was working with an executive at a very large accounting firm who was being groomed to make partners. She and I went over several modules such as dressing for work, social media do’s and don’ts, an executive wardrobe. We also touched on hygiene and etiquette at work and in dining situations. That was a particularly interesting Image Consultant session for me since we talked in great depth about her company and what they did about etiquette.

She told me it was the No. 1 issue at her company that met with clients in formal dinners quite often. It was clear many, many executives did not know how to behave at these meetings. In what way? For example, during a dinner with clients, it wasn’t unusual for executives from this company to spill food on their clothing, eat with their mouth full, and do just unusual things at the table such as passing bread but first taking their roll off the plate. This seems like a little mistake – but in business situations, it can be uncomfortable.

Anyway, this company had spent many dollars basically teaching their high-level employees how to behave in many social situations.

I have worked with some clients in maneuvering formal dining such as what cutlery to use, what glass is for what, passing food, and how to use napkins. It is really interesting the perceptions people have – but most want to learn the proper way to be polite to others and a well-socialized human!

If you’d like some pointers on etiquette from your favorite Image Consultant, please reach out.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,
MA, AICI-CIC, Image Consultant