Why Manners Apply to the Gym, too!

So…you’ve established a routine at the gym. You’re comfortable there; you like how you look when you work out, and you’re starting to see some results. That’s wonderful! Keep up the good work.

Of course, being Indiana’s only certified Image Consultant, I just have to discuss the less obvious part of working out in a gym: your manners. You probably haven’t even thought about it. It’s important that you do, especially if you work out at work or with others who know you, even if it’s at home with your family.

Image Consultant Manners to Live By

Here are some tips to show the world — you have impeccable manners.

Like any other place your visit there are often unwritten rules of behavior you’re expected to know and observe to allow everyone to enjoy and make the most of their exercise efforts.

Here are some behaviors not to show at the gym (source: Boston news)

  • Image Consultant style advice for the gymTalking on your phone while exercising
  • Not wiping your sweat off equipment
  • Just sitting there when someone else is waiting
  •  Not reporting broken equipment
  • Wearing inappropriate clothes: too tight clothes, loose clothes, street clothes, street clothes.
  • Grunting and making other unpleasant noises
  • Playing your music too loud
  • Wearing too much perfume
  • Getting too close to others if you’re sweaty and smelly
  • Attending when you are ill
  • Slamming down equipment
  • Forever taking selfies or video blogging
  • Talking loudly or playing music without our headphones
  • If your gym has time limitations, abide by them. Don’t take time away from others. Who knows, maybe you will try a new workout or routine that benefits you even more.

At home, some of these rules apply such as cleaning equipment, being extra loud.

Always be sure to shut off gym equipment and communicate with others in your family who want to work out, too. Remember, manners start at home!

One more tip: if you work out often at home and have mounds of dirty running clothes, help with washing them, folding them, and putting them away. If you are single, still wash your clothes and put them away. These are good habits to have, just as a human!

  • In times of COVID, many gyms closed down. My gym was closed, and when it opened again, we were required to wear masks and our temperatures were taken. Now, a year later, the gym is open, and we are not even required to wear masks. However, there is a sign saying, “If you are sick or exposed it someone with COVID, please go home.” This requirement is perhaps one of the best ways to show your manners. Think of others first: this is what manners is really all about!

Grooming Recommendations from your Image Consultant

Your dress and grooming at the gym are as important. Make the time to present yourself in the best possible light. It shows you have a good level of self-esteem and you respect your hosts.

If your image needs a little polish I would be glad to assist you via a customized personal image range of sessions.

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Keep it sassy, Indy!

Beth Divine,

MA, AICI-CIC, Personal Stylist and Image Consultant