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How Feelings Can Affect Our Image

I recently had a color analysis with a new client – and the way I, your Indianapolis Image Consultant, conduct appointments now is I have certain tasks in mind, but really I just talk and interview clients to see what they want and why they are meeting with me – during the first 20 minutes or so. It’s been a most interesting journey. I find I learn so much more about people and their style, attitudes, self-esteem and what they think they want from me. Lessons Your  Indianapolis Image Consultant has Learned 1)I have heard all sorts of comments, and some of them I remember because I thought they were so profound. I had a male client that I asked, "Why do you want to work with a stylist?"  He responded that he  wanted to be “memorable.” Wow! That comment was really interesting since when I looked at him, I saw a handsome, successful guy in a high-level job. Yet, he didn’t really feel that way or see himself that way. We worked on a wardrobe that elevated his look and his attitude. I don’t agree when a CEO or just any C-Suite guy or gal is buying very cheap clothing, such as Johnathon A Banks dress shirts or jackets and pants at Goodwill. Sure, they may look okay and “pass” – but how does it make these individuals feel, really? It can’t be a good feeling. This suit is a perfect solution for an executive who wants to look like one: Emporio Armani Wool Suit   2) Another client of mine quite recently told me as she “ages” she feels she is fading away. That was another comment that was really telling. It’s true, ladies, as we age, [...]

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Image Consultant Tips for Winter Skincare

Happy winter, everyone. Yes, it’s here…if you are like me, your skin may be showing some signs of dryness or you even have some painful hang nails on your fingers. It’s not fun, but would this even be a Beth Divine blog if I didn't provide my Image Consultant insight on such topic?! I have always had dry skin, and I am always talking to other experts about what to do about it. As a consultant, I want to have a wealth of knowledge that I can pass on to my clients no matter what the subject. Believe it or not, central to controlling dry skin are two things: exfoliating and having routine manicures. This is something most women do, but men may not do it. Men—yes, I am talking to you—men can get manicures, too. Getting a manicure as a male won't hurt your image. No, it doesn't have to involve bright pink nail polish but would involve cutting back cuticles, moisturizing nails and basically grooming your hands. I have to think of something this week: Last Sunday, watching the C-Span show, the host did a camera close-up on a document, and there for all to see were his ragged, rough nails and hands. I had to look away. Take my word for it: grooming for men is important for your personal brand and image. Dear Image Consultant, What Products Do I Use? Okay, enough with beating that dead horse. What do you look for in products for dryer skin? There are so many products out there. As your Image Consultant, I am here to the rescue. Look for products without or very little water in them. You can find this on the ingredients [...]

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Ho, Ho Ho…Merry Christmas…More on Gifting

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas, The holiday is coming closer, and if you're not done with your Christmas shopping. Don't panic. There's always Amazon. LOL. Anyway, more about finding the perfect gift. I always think that the perfect gift is finding the item someone really wants but would never buyer him or herself. That can be a challenge. For some women, this means luxury items such as jewelry or clothes. I admit, I love getting jewelry at Christmas. I fine jewelry as well as items from Tiffany such as their heart bracelet. It is so classic; I wear it all the time! I especially like the heart with the Tiffany blue on the other side. The bracelet is also available in the smaller size, too. Holiday Gift Tips From Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist Other items women love but may not necessarily buy for themselves are good quality purses in a fashion color. We all have our camel or black purse, right? Last year, I requested a bright red Kate Spade purse--the smaller size. I love that purse, and use it so much. It's a perfect size. I like brands such as Kate Spade, Coach and of course Louie Vitton. I like purses in colors such as red, black and cream, hunter green, pale pink, medium and baby blue, even yellow. Or gift a plaid or floral print purse. Again, these colors and patterns are not basic and may be something your loved one doesn't have. Another area that I think is a great one for holiday gifting is the cozy, luxury arena. It's becoming winter and cold in most places. For most women, that probably means reaching for the warm, soft hats, scarves, sweaters, socks, poncho, blanket [...]

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Getting the Most from Your Eye Shadows

Hello fashionistas, This is Beth, your Indianapolis Personal Stylist here. If you are like me, at times you will buy the eye shadow quads that have different shades of color for you to use in various ways for your eyes. You might have even tried them out at a cosmetics counter at Macy's or Sephora. Good for you! I am all about taking advantage of other's expertise, and getting the free gift from products such as Clinique, Channel, Lancome, etc. I love getting the gifts!! Anyway, in my previous career, I did commercial and bridal makeup so I learned along the way from my work and some of my amazing friends who've done make for years: Carole Schidler (who's been a makeup artist her whole life), and Brenda Sotolongo (who owns The Makeup Shop--her makeup is awesome). From Carole I learned: when you are shopping for an eye pencil, try it out on your hand. It should easily glide and give creamy color on your hand. If it doesn't, pass it by. You don't want to stretch out your skin as you apply an eye pencil that is too hard. Also Carol would lament about the number of ladies who insist on wearing beige, light brown or gold lipstick. "It looks terrible on eyeryone," she'd say. Especially as you age, you need color. (One exception may be an 18-year-old model with perfect bone structure.) From Brenda, from whom I took my makeup artistry course, one of the main things I learned is moderation. Don't overdo makeup and try for a natural look. In class we would discuss all the various brushes, and what they do. Brushes really are great. They save makeup because you don't [...]

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From Workout to Going Out…

So many of us wear our workout clothing after class! Maybe you have some errands to run, you are meeting a friend for lunch or dinner, or you just love the comfort of yoga pants. Whatever the reason, if you are like me, you might need some ideas on how to look more presentable. The first step to looking more pulled together is a neutral base to build upon: for me, that means Black or grey top, pants and shoes. Layer on it grey, black, olive, color, and then scarves and even black boots if you are going out at night. All tops here are available at Lucky B Boutique in Broad Ripple and online. You will be surprised at how chic you look. (And you finished your workout, too!) Keep it Sassy, Indy. Beth Divine, Your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist

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Pop Colors Make a Difference

While some stylists don't agree, I think wearing the right colors is just as important as the clothing cut and fit. For instance, many people don't look good in drains the colors from your face. Navy or Royal Blue are much better options. Case in point: Amy Schumer. Her stylist knows color and uses it to make Amy shine (not that she needs any help). Amy is a blue-eyed blonde bombshell. She wears black, navy and teal eyeliner -- not all at the same time. She looks amazing in all things blue and teal green. The smokey blue-teal dress she wore to the Emmys made her hair and eyes glow. She's also been on the cover of Glamour wearing a baby blue dress: again -- the color really gives her the wow factor. I love to show Indianapolis clients their pop colors. I also ask them: what colors do you wear when you receive compliments about your clothing. Many times, it's the colors I show them!   Keep is classy, Indy. B. Divine, Your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist

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Especially for Wavy and Curly Hair

Hello Readers. If you have wavy, curly or even slightly frizzy hair, you will love this blog post. I have been trying  curly hair products for years, and honestly, I can't endorse many of them. I used to think beach sprays were the cat's meow, and at the time they were pretty reliable...but I have found some products I love. Remember: I don't make money from any of these companies I endorse, so I am speaking from the heart. I finally tried the Living Proof products, endorsed by Jennifer Anniston. I used the travel kit that had shampoo, conditioner and a style cream. I took them on a short vacation and did not take my diffuser or curling iron. It was also some of the hottest days of the summer, so these products were really put to the test. I tried them two ways: Once time I slightly dried my hair and then put the styling cream in. The other time I put the styling cream in wet. All I can say is that I had soft, frizzy-free soft curls. I didn't need my curling iron or diffuser to get the soft, pretty look. If you want to try the products, pick up a travel kit and see what you think.   Keep it sassy, Indy! B.Divine, Your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist

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Make Your Eyes Look Bigger!

Do you have smaller eyes as I do...without a lot of space above your lids for the elaborate eye looks popular right now? Don't despair: here are some tricks to enhance your eyes! This is a great video by Allure magazine: Try it out! I like to use green, teal, navy and plum eye pencils by Stilla...they are smooth and creamy and just glide on. Bobbi Brown's eye pencils are great, too. Be sure and line your eyes near the lash line, without any space in that area. Smudging the lines a little eliminates hard lines. Be beautiful!

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Help! I always buy the wrong makeup…

If you are like most women, a trip to the cosmetics counter can be daunting--yes even for me. Most sales associates recommend far more products than we need, but they sound so convincing…and if they work, what's wrong with that? Anyway, I have learned that ….no. 1, stores want to sell. I overheard a Nordstrom associate talking about how their Lancome sales were behind Saks. Hmmmm, if they are so concerned with dollars, I am sure they will try to talk me into buying products I really don't need. Case in point: I took my niece to a "unnamed" store to get some ideas on acne treatments. The sales associate showed us two cosmetics lines that seemed promising, but insisted the Clarisonic was the best product. Is it surprising this product was by far the most expensive? I have also have learned that if you want to try a new product, most stores will give you samples. This is the way to try something and see if you like it before you invest money in it. I recommend you get a few samples, say of foundation, and try them at home. It will soon be clear which one you like. If you like a lipstick, apply it in the store and see how you like it later such as in natural light. You might decide it's not your color at all! If you are buying night creams, I would do the same thing: start with a sample. Then, buy the smallest jar the store sells. Then, again, you won't be investing money in something you are not sure about. You often have to ask what the different sizes of the product are because I have [...]

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The Latest Across the Pond and Beyond

A couple of my friends went to Europe before we did this fall, and I begged them to notice the latest fashions and trends over there, since we all starts there and comes here 6 months to a year later. One friend told me she saw Converse tennis shoes everywhere...not the white or the black but prints, high tops and torn-up textures. I took my burgundy shoes and wore them some. Unfortunately, they are not comfortable for long walks! Other things...parachute pants. I saw them, too. They are cute on some women...Not something I would invest in, however. I saw several pieces with zippers...zippered tops, zippers on coats as a detail rather than function. I also saw some quilting, very minimal and slim, some on black leather coats. I didn't see "bright" colored jeans, however, except for red and then darker hues such as burgundy, navy, green. I saw some denim with denim, which I am starting to see here, too. I am not a fan of this look...but to each her own! My advice: if you do this look, use different shades of denim such as a light colored denim with a dark rinse or a colored denim. For men, I saw some colored pants, almost a Salmon color, with a light blue denim shirt. One of my friends said Bowling Bags were big in Europe. I did see some. I was drawn to a really pretty Emerald green bag. I talked my husband into buying it as a Christmas gift. It is a different color I really like. Loved it when I saw some pretty dresses, especially in the summer. To me, the dress is the highest example of femininity!   Happy [...]

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