Pop Colors Make a Difference

While some stylists don’t agree, I think wearing the right colors is just as important as the clothing cut and fit. For instance, many people don’t look good in black…it drains the colors from your face. Navy or Royal Blue are much better options.

Case in point: Amy Schumer. Her stylist knows color and uses it to make Amy shine (not that she needs any help). Amy is a blue-eyed blonde bombshell. She wears black, navy and teal eyeliner — not all at the same time. She looks amazing in all things blue and teal green. The smokey blue-teal dress she wore to the Emmys made her hair and eyes glow.

She’s also been on the cover of Glamour wearing a baby blue dress: again — the color really gives her the wow factor.

I love to show Indianapolis clients their pop colors. I also ask them: what colors do you wear when you receive compliments about your clothing. Many times, it’s the colors I show them!


Keep is classy, Indy.

B. Divine, Your Indianapolis Fashion Stylist