Ho, Ho Ho…Merry Christmas…More on Gifting

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

The holiday is coming closer, and if you’re not done with your Christmas shopping. Don’t panic. There’s always Amazon. LOL.

Anyway, more about finding the perfect gift. I always think that the perfect gift is finding the item someone really wants but would never buyer him or herself. That can be a challenge.

For some women, this means luxury items such as jewelry or clothes. I admit, I love getting jewelry at Christmas. I fine jewelry as well as items from Tiffany such as their heart bracelet. It is so classic; I wear it all the time! I especially like the heart with the Tiffany blue on the other side. The bracelet is also available in the smaller size, too.

Holiday Gift Tips From Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

Other items women love but may not necessarily buy for themselves are good quality purses in a fashion color. We all have our camel or black purse, right? Last year, I requested a bright red Kate Spade purse–the smaller size. I love that purse, and use it so much. It’s a perfect size. I like brands such as Kate Spade, Coach and of course Louie Vitton. I like purses in colors such as red, black and cream, hunter green, pale pink, medium and baby blue, even yellow. Or gift a plaid or floral print purse. Again, these colors and patterns are not basic and may be something your loved one doesn’t have.

Another area that I think is a great one for holiday gifting is the cozy, luxury arena. It’s becoming winter and cold in most places. For most women, that probably means reaching for the warm, soft hats, scarves, sweaters, socks, poncho, blanket scarf, etc. You can’t go wrong with anything in cashmere. It is warm; it lasts and it’s something many women won’t buy for themselves. And — it’s soft as butter! Nordstrom has a very large accessories department, and there are many choices.

Another really nice Christmas present and stocking stuffer is a luxury beauty item. I define this as products you don’t buy at the drug store. Body washes, rich lotions, salon hair products, hand cream and even cuticle cream. In the winter, women love to use these items–especially those that smell nice. While I like stores such as Bath and Body, I recommend looking to the beauty lines in department stores or places such as L’Occitane and Aveda. Clinique, Lancome, Elizabeth Arden, Channel and Estee at your neighborhood department store all have skin and bath care lines with great products. Even better, look at their Christmas packages. You can get more for your money this time of year. Some of my favs? Clinique’s deep comfort body moisture; Lancome’s fragrances and lotions, Channel’s various Coco and No. 5 lotions.

Aveda’s hand creams and all of L’Occitane shea butter hand creams and shower gels. Don’t forget rich lip balms, too. We all need them at this time of year.

Another really fun and useful gift is sleepwear. Go more fun and sexy, or warm and cuddly. Again, this is an area many women neglect. Do you ever think how many times do I have to see that sad, pale lavender robe my wife wears?? Do something about it! Don’t forget cozy slippers, too. Ugg has some of the best.
Happy shopping!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist