Help! I always buy the wrong makeup…

If you are like most women, a trip to the cosmetics counter can be daunting–yes even for me. Most sales associates recommend far more products than we need, but they sound so convincing…and if they work, what’s wrong with that? Anyway, I have learned that ….no. 1, stores want to sell. I overheard a Nordstrom associate talking about how their Lancome sales were behind Saks. Hmmmm, if they are so concerned with dollars, I am sure they will try to talk me into buying products I really don’t need. Case in point: I took my niece to a “unnamed” store to get some ideas on acne treatments. The sales associate showed us two cosmetics lines that seemed promising, but insisted the Clarisonic was the best product. Is it surprising this product was by far the most expensive?

I have also have learned that if you want to try a new product, most stores will give you samples. This is the way to try something and see if you like it before you invest money in it. I recommend you get a few samples, say of foundation, and try them at home. It will soon be clear which one you like. If you like a lipstick, apply it in the store and see how you like it later such as in natural light. You might decide it’s not your color at all!

If you are buying night creams, I would do the same thing: start with a sample. Then, buy the smallest jar the store sells. Then, again, you won’t be investing money in something you are not sure about. You often have to ask what the different sizes of the product are because I have found a sales associate will sell you the largest jar available. I love La Mer (it has seaweed), and many ladies like Bella Vita (which I have not tried). Consider buying a serum to wear under your night cream. I think it makes all the products soak in your skin better. .

Even when you buy a product in a drugstore, while you might not be able to try it, you can return it later if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work. Just keep the receipt.

Above all, have fun when you are trying new product! Don’t be afraid to sign up for beauty rewards programs or the cosmetic’s line gift. That’s when I stock up on trial sizes and eye makeup removers and makeup bags which are often free with a minimum purchase. Another service I like to take advantage of is national guest artists who come to stores and do makeovers, for a minimum purchase. It’s a good way to get some new colors for the season or learn a new technique. I always learn something from these experts. I was at Saks Fifth Avenue the other day, and a sales associate invited me to a free masters class. I may just go!