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A New Lesson Plan for this Teacher

If you've ever wondered how a personal styling will go, here is a case study for you. Amanda contacted me for a style makeover. She said, “I have a lot of clothes, but I can’t seem to consistently put together outfits.” Intrigued, we arranged to meet at my home office and do a style/shape/color analysis, and then look at some of her favorite outfits. Making an appointment with an Indianapolis Image Consultant isn't a harsh critique of your body type or dumping out your closet. You know what you like. My goal is to give you more options so you feel confident in everything you wear. Cool For Teacher When Amanda walked in, it was clear to me: She had very cool coloring. From her brown hair, bright, blue-grey eyes to her fair, milky complexion. I liked her black and grey outfit—two neutral colors that were perfect for her. Her color analysis was pretty straight forward. Amanda has a “Cool,” color pallet. She looks better in clear cool colors such as black, grey, bright pink, purple, hunter green. Her best white was a bright white. Certainly not cream or earth tones such as rust, orange or warm yellow. First, I changed her lipstick from a rusty burgundy to bright fuchsia. Her wardrobe was pretty easy in that I saw many of her good colors, but she also had some rust, beige and cream neutrals These colors did not flatter her but rather, made her look older and tired. As an Indianapolis Image Consultant, I believed some of Amanda’s challenge with her wardrobe was her hair color. She has brown hair, but she added some warm, copper highlights to it. This is a common effect many stylists [...]

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AICI Conference in Chicago

Hello everyone. This blog is a bit of a departure -- I want to share blogs that relate to real life, and right now, beyond working with clients, a chunk of what I am doing is being president of our Association of Image Consultants International Chicago Midwest Chapter and helping to create and promote our upcoming conference. We have a small board, actually from all over the country, and as far west as Dallas, and we work hard to create events for our members. It is a challenge for me, but it is very rewarding to see people use their talents and for all of us to work together toward a big goal -- our regional conference in Chicago this April 18-19. Here's a video I did for our Facebook page: AICI Midwest Chapter Regional Conference. We are planning two days of activities and are still finalizing the continuing education hours participants will receive. Yes, all Certified Image Consultants have to earn continuing education to keep their CIC status. It's really quite a lot we have to maintain, and the reasoning behind having it is that as a professional you need to be knowledgeable and current in your profession. So training for image consultants can be quite extensive. Check out our conference information here and guests are welcome, too: 2020 Education Conference. Of course, image consultants love nothing more than discovering new shopping places and vendors and even designers. Thus, the night before the event we will be doing a Boutique Crawl to three downtown Chicago stores: We will visit Marcus, the Real, Real and Space 519. The boutiques all have affiliate programs for image consultants to share with us. Our headline speaker, Elaine Stoltz is one of [...]

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How Feelings Can Affect Our Image

I recently had a color analysis with a new client – and the way I, your Indianapolis Image Consultant, conduct appointments now is I have certain tasks in mind, but really I just talk and interview clients to see what they want and why they are meeting with me – during the first 20 minutes or so. It’s been a most interesting journey. I find I learn so much more about people and their style, attitudes, self-esteem and what they think they want from me. Lessons Your  Indianapolis Image Consultant has Learned 1)I have heard all sorts of comments, and some of them I remember because I thought they were so profound. I had a male client that I asked, "Why do you want to work with a stylist?"  He responded that he  wanted to be “memorable.” Wow! That comment was really interesting since when I looked at him, I saw a handsome, successful guy in a high-level job. Yet, he didn’t really feel that way or see himself that way. We worked on a wardrobe that elevated his look and his attitude. I don’t agree when a CEO or just any C-Suite guy or gal is buying very cheap clothing, such as Johnathon A Banks dress shirts or jackets and pants at Goodwill. Sure, they may look okay and “pass” – but how does it make these individuals feel, really? It can’t be a good feeling. This suit is a perfect solution for an executive who wants to look like one: Emporio Armani Wool Suit   2) Another client of mine quite recently told me as she “ages” she feels she is fading away. That was another comment that was really telling. It’s true, ladies, as we age, [...]

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From Your Image Consultant: Do You Have Your 16 Points?

The next two blogs from your favorite Image Consultant are about issues we all deal with as humans: grooming and your image surrounding that. I know it's strange that I compare us to our two cats. Stay with me. Our big, fluffy Maine Coon loves to groom himself. He loves to clean his long, thick hair and asks to be brushed at least three times a day. He probably feels better afterwards. Our other kitty, Nellie, who is a domestic long haired kitty has very long grey hair as well. Her hair is more stringy and tends to pick up dust, etc. Nellie does not love to be groomed by us and sometimes doesn't groom herself. An Image Consultant Points for Grooming People can be the same way in their grooming and thus their image. I fall somewhere in the middle of all this. While I am not a natural style -- ladies who shun makeup and jewelry, etc. -- I have never really been a high maintenance woman either. Ever since I cut my super long locks in my senior year of high school and opted for a short, curly cap of hair, I have not sought to spend hours getting ready in the morning for the perfect image. I am lucky in that I have naturally curly hair, and when I have a great hair cut I can use a little product and go! Early in my Image Consultant training my teacher showed me her consultant favorite 16-Point Test commonly used by stylists to show their clients some ways they can have a put together image and perfectly groomed. Basically, you get a point for each of these things: Did you do your [...]

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Summer Shorts

Hello everyone! When I think of summer, I think of warm days and the occasional times I wear shorts. I have a camouflage shorts, bright pink and blue shorts with an elephant print from Lilly Pulitzer, and a pair of cut-off denim shorts I love to wear with a white Boho top. I, your Image Consultant, like to pair shorts with metallic sandals or some casual tennis shoes -- my rose-gold Kate Spade shoes with glitter. Fun! Favorite Looks from Your Personal Image Consultant Anyone, carrying on the theme, this blog is about short tips I've gathered during my busy summer. I have had the privilege to work with some great clients: a 28-year-old guy dressing for a birthday party (wore a grey suit with a patterned T; a 40-something finding the perfect blazer and jeans; a woman cleaning out her closet (her clothes are beautiful); and a commercial job dressing two professional women for a video and professional presentations; and finally, shopping for a long-time client at the Nordstrom Anniversary. I found a beautiful bright turquoise Top Shop pants I selected for my client. I specifically love the pleats, and since this client is very straight and slim, she looked amazing in them: Pleated Trousers I also like the deconstructed sweaters, particularly this stripe version: Cashmere Sweater The one thing that I bought in this sale is a shoe I've been thinking about. I like the look of a white bootie, but I thought it would quickly go out of style. I also like a mule but have trouble wearing them due to my narrow foot. I tried on this bone--not white--mule from AGL that has a very comfortable 2-inch chunky heel. They are [...]

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The Joys of Velvet

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas, If you are like me, when you think of velvet, you may remember some family photograph or holiday concert you were in as a child. What did your mom want you to wear? Velvet of course. Velvet has always been popular around the holidays. Perhaps you have a velvet Christmas dress, a velvet jacket or even velvet pants. I have had a beautiful hunter green velvet dress I used to wear amor the choir concert. I also had velvet pants that I would sometimes wear to the corporate Christmas party. I don't give velvet much thought, and often I only wear it a couple of times in the winter. Flash forward to today -- velvet is everywhere, my friends. From shoes to jackets, dresses to purses, even hats and coats. It's in some fun colors too, besides the conservative black velvet. And, unlike before, you can wear velvet any time of the year. Perhaps choose a lighter color velvet for fall or spring/summer outfits. I especially like the nude pink velvet color -- I recently saw one at Target in a Bomber jacket. It was so different. I also love to wear my burgundy jacket--and not just at Christmas parties. I will wear it in the fall over my slip dress, in winter over black separates and maybe to a more casual Christmas party with a lacy or silk came and satin pants. Of course, what's more beautiful than a little black (or navy, hunter, red, burgundy) in velvet for the holidays and beyond. Here are two options: Macy's Anthropologie I even like velvet dresses that are more on the casual side. Last year, I bought a beautiful teal velvet dress in [...]

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Adding Pop to Your Outfit

Hello Indianapolis! It's becoming cooler and the as the leaves change to deeper shades, of course, your outfits should reflect this. I do love fall colors -- burgundy, olive, navy, gold, green, purple, etc. As you put your outfits together, I encourage you to think about the "pop." This is especially true if you wear all neutrals, which is an easy way to dress. When you wear these colors -- especially grey and black -- it's important to add some type of focal point. What is your pop? It depends on you. Indianapolis Wardrobe Stylist Tips An emphasis point should always be near your best feature -- and farthest away from your worst feature. For example, while I am on the smaller side, I proportionately larger in the hips and much smaller in the waist. I was looking around for some new jeans with embroidery in floral (always love a good floral.) I was in a store over the past week and found actually four options in the same store: a black border jean (that I really liked); a washed-out rinse with embroidery with birds and flowers; and two floral embroidery options on a dark rinse. One had really large motifs on the side of the hip, bottom and back pocket. The others were a dark rinse with very petite flowers. I snapped a photo of these shown here. I picked the jeans on the left. First, I evaluated the jeans for flattery. It was clear that while I loved the print with the birds, the light wash made my hips look much bigger as did the one with the black trim. The other two pairs were both dark rinse, but the larger details clearly were [...]

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Style and Makeup Tips and Tricks…

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas, Fall is a good time to clean out your closet. It's interesting that many Indianapolis clients say they have trouble putting outfits together for fall and winter -- not so much in spring and summer. Perhaps it's just easier to dress for warmer temps. Anyway, I believe the reasons styling for this season is so difficult are not having enough layering options and lacking basics in many colors. Layering Tips From Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist  Layering is key--not only to brave the elements as temps drop--it's also an easy, chic way to update your look. For instance, this season has many layering options. The Kimono is still in -- pick a sheer floral or other print, or a hefty more winter version. The bomber jacket is still around -- find the one that works for you. I replaced my olive green on with a stain floral that I love. It really dresses up jeans, T-shirt dresses and blouses. Add a quilted vest, a denim jacket or an olive anorak. Be sure your puffy vest is not too bulky. We don't want to add volume. Don't ignore the blazer: Add a fun one in red, cream, black or navy or a print. Try a comfortable fabric like Ponte if you find blazers constrictive. A warm, good quality cardigan sweater can spruce up your basics -- the duster is still around, which is the longer version. Be sure and spend as much as you can on this basic since you'll wear it often, and higher quality sweaters will wear longer. Read more here. Don't forget your boots. Look at your shoe wardrobe, and if anything looks worn or something you don't wear anymore, take [...]

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Is the Shopping Mall headed for Extinction?

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas, Happy weekend. Who doesn't relish weekends, especially in the summer. Anyway--enjoy them while you can. This week's blog is a big of a diversion. Today, I am going to talk about retail, and the seemingly sad state it's in. A New York Times article was the background for my post: I was recently interviewed by The Indianapolis Star newspaper about my styling business, and the reporter, Jess Hice, interviewed my client as well. Foremost on her mind was whether the changes in retail was affecting my business and did my client prefer shopping online. My client, who is a larger size woman, said no. She does not shop online due to fit issues. And, who can blame her. There is no such thing as universal one store you're a size 10, in another store a size 6. But, I would be living in a hole if I didn't realize online shopping is here to stay. It's going to continue to grow. Who doesn't love the convenience of it? Thoughts on the Downside of Online Shopping from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist But as a stylist, I know, it doesn't work for everyone. Many of the clients who contact me to help them do shop online. They find it easy, yes, but they become frustrated when clothes don't fit and don't like the hassle of returning them--even when the retailer makes it very easy to return clothes. You just tape the package, put on a mailing label and drop it off at the post office. Another downside of online shopping is that you cannot see and touch the quality of the fabric. You can't predict fit until you have the garment in [...]

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Summer Pants to Love!

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas, Even when it's hot, do you reach for jeans or pants. Some of us do, and especially those of us who work in an office want them. Of course, dresses are always a good option for summer office or casual attire, but sometimes you just want pants. What pants to wear from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist Many of us have different wants and needs in our pants. Short torsos, long torsos, short and long legs, small waists and larger hips, small hips and larger waists, trying to balance the top and the bottom--whatever your issue, there are always pants out there. I will talk about some of my favorite brands. Try them out, and see what you think. I love a great ankle pant. I often buy them at The Loft, Ann Taylor, JCrew (regular and Mercantile), H&M and sometimes Talbots. They can be a slimming choice. They can be fun in neutrals and bright colors such as red. How I do love a bright red pant. I wear it with black and cream, grey, navy and white. If I want to look nautical, I will wear and blue/white stripe Breton shirt. More casual -- a blue chambray shirt. The last red pants I bought I found at The Loft.  Ankle pants call for a dramatic shoe such as as pump or flat with a pointy toe. This style really shows off shoes. Linen flared pants are another summer staple that looks chic and comfortable. I like a wider leg hemmed for bare sandals or a wedge. If you are conscious about your bottom half, pick a slim stripe; if not, go for a pretty white linen. Make sure your top is [...]

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