Part 2: How to Do a Quick and Dirty Closet Edit

Here is part 2 from last week’s post about starting your closet edit, as an Image Consultant

3. Remove “close but not quite.” You know these pieces. You like something about it but it’s not total love. Maybe it’s the wrong color or some other detail that makes it not perfect for you. As an Image Consultant, I think it is better to keep only what supports who are today.
(4) Remove the bullies. Closet bullies make you feel not so great about yourself when you see them. These include pieces that no longer fit. A dress you once loved that’s now too small is one example. I don’t mind if you keep a few pieces that are the size you are moving towards. However, keep them in another closet or out of sight until you can wear them.
Image Consultant closet cleansing(5) My advice as an Image Consultant, is to shop your “You”tique. Close your eyes and pretend you are shopping at a store. Then, take a relaxing deep breath and calmly go through your clothing. What would you buy
again? Keep those pieces. When you get to a piece you would not buy again, pull it out. After the edit, give yourself several days to work with your wardrobe without the pieces you removed. Not missing them? It’s safe to donate them. Don’t let donations linger for months in your car or in your house. Donating them quickly clears the air and opens the door for fresh pieces to come in. Do not worry you will miss an item you donated. Most of the time, you have many other options you would rather be wearing.

Many of my clients ask me, “What should I do with those pieces that are new or now worn in the last couple of years? Is it easy to sell them in consignment?” The answer is, of course!

When I clean out a closet, and as an Image Consultant I do it very often, I do a mixture of both consignment and donation. I consign those pieces that consignment stores would want such as new with tags, less than 3 years old, and in-style items. These I take to consignment stores. Now, a word of caution is to read up on the store you’re targeting. If the website does not answer your questions, don’t hesitate to call the store directly. You will save your time and the retailer’s time. For instance, the consignment store I use recently stopped offering drop-and-go services. And, they only take consignment Tuesday-Friday. And, you have to wait while they evaluate your consignment. So I try to plan about an hour to do consignment, and then whatever the store doesn’t take I immediately donate to my neighborhood Goodwill store. Take the time to find the consignment store that works for you, and a convenient donation site you can visit right afterward so you don’t have the bag of clothes in your car for several weeks.

The items that are outside these conditions I donate to Goodwill since that is in my neighborhood, and it’s convenient to do. Want help with your edit? I’m here for you! As an Image Consultant, I’d love to help you find the best of your wardrobe and move your style in a fresh direction in 2023. Email me to get started.

Happy editing! Let me know how you do! If you need help with a closet edit, reach out to me at my various channels such as

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Image Consultant