A New Year, A New You!

This year, 2022, was a special year for my business, Beth Divine Style. Ten years ago I first started working in the image business, not as an image consultant, but as a professional makeup artist. I thought that was the path I would stay with but soon found it was somewhat limiting. I then studied more and ended up as an Image Consultant.

During that time, I thought about writing a book about being an Image Consultant. Many of my colleagues have written wonderful books, mostly centered on How To’s! I can’t write a better book than theirs, so what story do I have to tell? There is plenty to tell, and some of it will really surprise you! It surprised me! Anyway, that is for another time.

Image Consultant Tips to a Better You

What I’d like to focus on today is the transforming power of changing your image through your wardrobe, hair, mannerisms, and even career. As an Image Consultant, I cannot tell you how many times I ask new clients, “Why are we meeting and what are your goals?” To that, they tell me I’ve been recently promoted at work or are trying to be promoted. They realize that how they look and act influences their careers.

Even deeper, developing confidence spills over into their careers. Sometimes a change in attitude and more assurance is all it takes to get promoted in the company someone’s already in or the nudge to look elsewhere for a higher-paying position.

As an Image Consultant, I recently worked with two young men who told me the same thing, “Working with you has changed my attitude and my life.” Or course, these are the ultimate testimonials any Image Consultant would love to hear and put out on the website. But I asked more, how did it change you?

Image Consultant with a clientOne client was just out of college and had very little clothing beyond what he wore to class. He had sweats and a couple of pairs of old jeans. Once he was in a new job, he started to pay attention to how he looked and decided to contact me to help him develop a wardrobe from scratch. On his own, he decided to get help with his skincare and get a better haircut he could learn to style. I, your Image Consultant, developed a wardrobe, from basics to some statement pieces and a substantial amount of good-looking casual clothing (since he’s under 25). He says for the first time when he goes out socially he knows he looks great and feels comfortable.

The other client had been working at home for nearly three years and didn’t have to motivation to really upgrade his personal look. He rarely got his hair cut. He rarely wore anything beyond sweats at home.

All that malaise changed to motivation when he was offered a job where he would be managing a team in another state. He had many more Zoom meetings where he wanted to look like a “boss.” We started at an unlikely place: his hairstyle. He didn’t have one and found his hair hard to manage. We went to my favorite men’s stylist who is also a teacher who cut this men’s hair, sells his product to use, and taught him how to style it.

Second, we built a business casual wardrobe, based on this client’s style and best colors. We discovered he was really very classic and comfortable in his clothing so we bought a blazer at a custom tailor that was altered to fit him. The look was amazing, and we filled in the holes with a couple of dress shirts, hoodies, sweaters, straight-leg jeans, shoes, etc. Surprisingly enough, this young man loved his Chelsea boots. He said it was his favorite part of our whole experience! I, your Image Consultant, recently saw him and he reminded me. “Your help was life-changing. And now I have the knowledge and confidence to buy clothing that I will wear and look great in!”

Do you or someone in your life need a style makeover from an Image Consultant? Reach out to one of my channels below.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC,
Personal Image Consultant