Dressing the Endomorph…

What is an endomorph build? Actor Jonah Hill is an example of a endomorph. This type’s body is more rotund; has a round head, larger stomach; rather short arms and legs with full upper arms and thighs. The Endomorph has slender wrists and ankles. Most of the time, this person has substantial body fat, but it is not just that – it is the frame. If this person loses weight, he still has the same build only slimmer.

As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I often work with this shape. I try to stress to individuals that he is not merely overweight; it is his build. I know sometimes in my job as an image consultant I really need to stress acceptance. If we don’t like ourselves and are not happy within, how can any work with an image consultant ever really be effective? There have been times in my practice that I have referred clients to other professionals such as counseling. There is certainly not any shame at all in this — after all we are all people, and we all have hard times.

How does an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist dress the Endomorph? In general, we apply the principles of putting on dark when we want to minimize and light where we want to stand out. For this build, basically the middle is the largest area, and we want to bring it into balance with the rest of the shape. That is why we focus on the following features in our clothing:

  • Jeans with a slight flare or wider leg creates balance. Avoid skinny pants (avoid extreme boot cut, however)
  • Shoulder pads help create a balanced shape
  • Shorter jackets with a strong shoulder give a stronger shape
  • Avoid pleated pants – they create too much bulk. Wear plain front without fullness
  • Wear a fuller cut pant or jean
  • A shacket with button front will be slimming. We don’t want it to be too tight though just sit loosely. A dark T-shirt underneath will continue the slim lines.
  • Blazers that fit but do not pull can be very flattering. Wear a dark shirt, sweater or button down shirt to carry on the slimming theme.
  • Shoes can be fun, colorful and eye catching.
  • Ties should be in proportion to the person’s heights, but overall, medium prints will work.
  • Vests can be a good layering option, but watch how bulky they are. Heavily quilted vests are not a good option.
  • Other bulky third layers should be used with caution. They can add too much bulk and not add that much to the ensemble.
  • Avoid third layer vests, jackets, etc., with large pockets because they will add too much weight to the piece and detract from the whole ensemble.

As with any ensemble you are planning, don’t forget to pay attention to grooming. Get the best haircut for your face. If you wear a beard, keep it groomed close to your face for a neat appearance. If you need a referral for a good hair stylist, ask me! Also, don’t dye your own hair. That is a sure giveaway, not a good message. As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I have a wonderful referral stylist who is an expert in “graying” incorporating your original hair color with some gray for a distinguished look.

Need help in dressing your unique and wonderful build? Reach out to me at one of my channels for a discovery call.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Indiana Wardrobe Stylist,