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Working as an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist for 11 years and an image consultant for 6, I have learned some very common mistakes I see clients make while they shop for clothing and put together outfits. Here’s my ideas:

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist Advice on what NOT to Do

Indiana Wardrobe Stylist looking at shirts
Buying cheap clothes as a hobby that do not go with any other item in their closet. This is the number one issue I see with clients. As am Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I learn early on in the first appointment they are hobby shoppers, trying to “score” at TJMAXX, Target, WalMart or consignment shops. They love a deal. However, an item is not a “deal” if you never wear it if: the item does not go with anything else in the closet, someone decides the item doesn’t really look good on them, or the item is so “out there” they decide they will never wear it. What is the solution to this problem, and I do think it’s a problem. Knowing what colors, styles and shapes look best on you will help you save money, yes save money. Clients have told me that working with me was the best investment they made because they made better shopping decisions and learned more about the best shapes for them! As for being a clothing junkie, I think it’s okay to buy cheap for a one-season trendy item as long as it is in a great color, fits you and flatters you. However, buying your entire wardrobe this way will just set you up for failure.

Buying clothings that do not fit to wear later when you’ve lost the weight. As you can imagine, this is one of the main things clients tell me. “I am in between sizes.” “I am in the middle of a weight loss program, and don’t want to invest in quality clothes right now.” While I certainly understand this mindset, let me challenge this thinking: Even as you are losing weight, you deserve to look great in your clothing right now. What could be more uplifting? Often times I help clients who are in a transition buy clothes to carry them though, many of which can be altered and become a staple in their wardrobe when they are the size they want to be. The key is simplicity; clean lines in clothing are much easier to alter.

Spending money on clothes only and forgetting about accessories. As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I often clients don’t focus on the totality of the outfit and don’t consider the impact snazzy shoes, eye-catching jewelry and leather purses can have. These accessories can upgrade and be in the icing on the cake in all that you wear. For men, their shoes, watches, haircut, belt and tie all play a role in making an okay outfit exceptional. So save some money always for shoes that bring your clothing to a new level. Quality matters!

For women, another issue I see in probably 80 percent of the clients I see–a dated hairstyle, either a color that does not suit them or a haircut that is very dated. Never underestimate the power of a sharp, current hairstyle. It’s an inexpensive way to make a huge impression. As an Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, That’s why I always give stylist referrals to my clients, based on your hair type, color and where you live.

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Keep it sassy,

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC
Indiana Wardrobe Stylist


Here is a client after (left) and before with a haircut that showcased her curls…