2021 Trends To Watch For

Since we’re all anxious for a new year, 2021, you can’t come fast enough, I thought I’d do a little research on what’s new and trending in fashion. As an Indianapolis Personal Stylist, I always try to keep an eye out for new and exciting fashion trends.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Identifies 2021 Fashion Trends

For starters, there’s an interesting new collab between Gucci and North Face that will continue until early next year. While it seems odd, it is an interesting team. The main focus of their work is not a surprise – outerwear. While we all know about North Face and its toasty warm coats and other items, we don’t think about Gucci’s outwear and other warm wear.

British Vogue loves the pieces and says, “boy, is it good.” There are men’s and women’s wear, too. The North Face brand, based in Berkley, even included some of its tents and sleeping bag in the collection with Gucci. What – Gucci models in tents. Can it be?

North Face’s logo, which pays homage to the famous granite Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in Cali., is all over the Gucci goods. “Skirts, cords, sweaters, and shirts come in a bunch of floral prints,” … that promote the best of both brands Check out the newest fashion collab in British Vogue.

This Indianapolis Personal Stylist favorite piece? I love the floral puffer. I always thought the North Face puffers were practical and warm, of course, but could use a little of something! though I saw them everywhere as busy moms walked their kiddos to school in my neighborhood each morning.

Work From Home Style Is Here To Stay

Beth Divine Style, your Indianapolis Personal Stylist, predicts that comfort clothing continues to be huge as companies continue to place workers on-at-home status, possibly continuing to summer. Nearly every store has “comfort lines” or “work at home looks.” Honestly, I am not impressed with most of them. To me, they are glorified sweatshirts.

I do like the velour pieces that seem to be coming back by storm. I bought a Lilly Pulitzer dress I love. It’s feminine, a snappy color, and oh so comfortable. You do have to wear leggings or tights with it – that is the only drawback. I adore velour in most anything. This zip-up and pants might be a great work from home option too!

These Boots Were Made For Trending

In shoes, it’s interesting what is trending, according to “Trend Spotter.” Black and White Cowboy boots, yes, really. Quite elegant I think. White kitten heel shoes and booties are another. This Indianapolis Personal Stylist loves my white booties and white pumps.

2021 Trends For Men

For guys, I have to recommend some amazing “sweats” that could probably double as work pants. My husband loves his, and we can’t buy any more until they are back in stock. They are by Mack Weldon: and I like in the green, The Sunday Lounge Pant.

Wear it with a denim jacket in blue. I bought my husband one for Christmas. I promised him I was going to show him at least 10 ways to wear a denim jacket! This one by Jcrew is of great quality and fits nicely. I prefer the fitted, trim denim jacket instead of the more “baggy” fit. Still casual, but it looks better than wearing a sweatsuit.

Finally, I want to give a little space to men’s Couture fashion, and one of my colleagues from the Association of Image Consultants International. Edwards Buice has teamed up with fashion designer Jaime Hemsani from Mexico City in their company, David Edwards Clothiers, to give designer options to men.

I particularly like their unusual shirts and jackets, knitwear, and blazers in the collection. My husband loves the polo shirts because they fit a tall and slim silhouette.

Indianapolis Personal Stylist Can Help Keep You On Trend In The New Year

A new year means new trends to follow and clothes to buy. You might think it unnecessary but after nearly a year of working from home, new clothes might be the motivator you need. Check out my Indianapolis Personal Styling services. A style consult will refresh your closet and maybe even your attitude. Contact me to learn more!


Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Image Consultant and Indianapolis Personal Stylist