Style Means Loving What You Do and Taking Risk…Interview with Mexico City Fashion Designer Jaime Hemsani

Image Consultant Beth Divine learns from Mexican Designer Jaime HemsaniAs a member and president of the Association of Image Consultants International Chicago Midwest Chapter, I am privileged to interact with other Image Consultant professionals who help people look their best and present their best image at work and to the general public. I also have access to learn from fashion designers. Those innovators who create and produce the clothes we wear and love. Last week, our AICI Chicago Midwest Chapter held an online event called Conversations with Mexico City fashion designer Jaimie Hemsani. We listened as he described his journey to becoming a designer and then how he does his art and craft in day to day operations.

Here is The recording from the interview:  Watch My Conversation with Jaime Hemsani Now

Becoming A Fashion Designer

It was fascinating to listen to Jamie and how he “thinks!” It was so different from the path that I took to becoming an Image Consultant and it was interested to get a different perspective from the designing world. But you can tell when someone is made for a career.

I Asked about when he knew he wanted to be a fashion designer, or at least work in the industry. Hemsani said it all started with a party he was going to attend with his mother. “I wanted to wear something different from everyone else, and I didn’t have that in my closet,” he said. So with the help his mother, Hemsani created a special piece that was uniquely his, that no one else had ever before! Truly the designer was born.

Hemsani didn’t immediately pursue his dream for a fashion career. He went to college and majored in chemical engineering. It was helpful to him, but eventually he pursued his dream and attended fashion school in Mexico. He credits his professor for really pushing him to excel and do exciting designs he loved. After school he worked in a couple of fashion houses but was soon frustrated that the designs were not his or under his own label.

Grateful for all he learned there, Hemsani then began his own business of designing. Today he has a retail store in Mexico City with ready to wear pieces, and he designs couture clothing for private clients, both male and female.  He has some other partnerships with vendors such as David Edwards Clothiers. (MyAICI colleague is part of that partnership.)

How Designers and Image Consultants Can Work Together

When asked if he had a favorite piece of clothing he has designed, Hemsani said he loved them all! We would expect a fashion innovator to say that. Hemsani mentioned how he loves yellow. He often remembers the very bright, bold colors he saw growing up in Mexico and incorporates them into his designs. “Vivid color is a part of my culture, and I love to embrace it”, he added.

Curious for a new perspective, he asked us how image consultants work with clients to pursue color and incorporate it. (Now he was speaking to a group of us who all do color analysis.) I said I always encourage clients to use color. I try to encourage clients to use slimming colors other than black. Another image consultant said she pushes clients in baby steps, maybe starting with a very bold accessory matched with a neutral color.

I could have talked several more hours with this seasoned, passionate designer, but we all had things to do and places to go. If there is one thing to take away from my conversation with Hemsani was: don’t be afraid to be different. Pursue your dreams, and the love will be yours.

Learn More About Jaime Hemsani

Follow Jamie Hemsani on Instagram @jaimehemsani. On Facebook, Jaime Hemsani Store. If you like his stuff, then you might love David Edwards Clothier.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI Certified Image Consultant