Working at Home in Style and Comfort!

Many of us still work from home– I learn this as I continue to work with clients from Indianapolis and beyond. Although this “perk” may give us an extra few minutes of sleep in the morning, you still have to get up and put on some clothes. Even as an Indianapolis Image Consultant, I understand it can also be tempting to stop really thinking about your clothes and how you look. Some of our most fashionable items have been sitting in our closets all year  while we wear the same loungewear set for the third time this week. But let’s be honest, wearing the same polka dot pajama pants starts to feel depressing after a while. By now, we’re all sick of the tie-dye comeback, and endless sweat suits, so how can you remain comfortable while staying fashionable?

 The exciting thing about fashion is that you can change it based on your mood. If it’s a Monday morning where you are struggling to open your eyes, by all means reach for the sweatpants! But if you’re looking for an extra motivation for the day, or just want to feel good about yourself, putting on a cute outfit can be a great motivator.

Indianapolis Image Consultant Motivates Your Work From Home Style

Wide Leg Pants

The first outfit I would suggest is a pair of wide leg pants, a tank top, and warm cardigan to throw on over. Wide leg pants can be a great transition piece if you are stuck in a sweatpants rutt. They offer the same comfort, as they don’t cling to your body, and give you plenty of room to breath. However, they offer a more flattering shape, and give you a bit of a fashionable upgrade. As an Indianapolis Image Consultant, I recommend pairing wide leg pants with a fitted tank top or t-shirt will help you play with your proportions.

The pants will create a voluminous shape on the bottom, you want to choose a more fitted top so your shape won’t be drowned. In addition, throwing on a cardigan over the outfit will not only create warmth in the winter months, but layering is a great way to add depth to your outfit. I suggest throwing on some dainty jewelry and your comfiest slippers for a casual but cute stay at home outfit.

Maxi Dresses

Another super easy option that will make you feel put together is putting on your favorite maxi dress. Not only are dresses possibly the comfiest type of clothing, but they automatically make you look like you put a ton of effort into your outfit. Try recycling some of your summer sundresses and layering a turtleneck, or white button down underneath. I’ll say it again, layer makes you look one hundred times more put together! You can also throw a sweater on over your dress and add a belt, for a maxi skirt look as well. Throw your hair up in a messy bun, and add a pair of statement earrings and you’re done! Simple as that, you look put together, and you didn’t even have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Oversized Button-Down Shirts

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of an oversized button down. Not only is the oversized look super trendy right now, but it also offers so much comfort. As an Indianapolis Image Consultant Intern, I recommend front tucking a white oversized button-down into your favorite pair of jeans. Adding a chunky gold chain necklace will give you the preppy 80s look everyone is going for right now. And if you’re really feeling up to it add a bright red lip. This statement will not only make you look more awake, but it will make you feel like a boss lady (even from your living room).

Hopefully you were able to get some work from home outfit inspo! Just because you can’t show off your outfit at work, doesn’t mean you can’t show it off at home!

Keep it sassy, Indy!
Libby for Indianapolis Image Consultant  Beth Divine Style