Vacation calls! Get ready with Beth Divine Style!

Elegant Explorer: Crafting Your Summer European Study Trip Capsule Wardrobe Summer in Europe or other exotic locations around the world is a dream for many, especially when it involves a trip filled with rich cultural experiences and learning opportunities. For women over 45, this kind of travel isn’t just about seeing new places; it’s about […]

Weddings: How to Figure out the Dress Code! Part 1

Wedding Guest Dress Code as told by your Indiana Wardrobe Stylist As a seasoned Indiana Wardrobe Stylist, I love spring, and the beginning of wedding season—a time of joyous celebration and love-filled gatherings. However, deciphering the dress code for weddings can sometimes be perplexing. This blog will provide clarity, and help you approach each invitation […]

Trends, Part 2–More to Love!

As a Personal Image Consultant, I cannot tell you how much I love accessories because I know they are outfit completers. If someone asked me, what is the no. 1 thing to do to be more stylish, and I would answer “accessorize.” You see, most people do not pay enough attention to details. Accessories such […]

Spring Trends – You’ll Love Them!

Spring 2024 Trends, Part One We can now see some of the trends from the fall shows (for spring) out in the stores. It is always a fun, exciting time for me as a stylist to see the spring and summer clothes come into my favorite stores. As a Carmel Wardrobe Stylist, I am a […]

How to Find the Perfect Dress

It’s the one dress you can count on to carry you through most occasions. One that can be dressed up, down and accessorized easily. Want one? Need one? As a Carmel Wardrobe Stylist, here are my top 9 qualities to look for: Semi-fitted: a dress that shows some shape. Clean lines: a dress with lines that […]

How To Wear Metallics!

Regardless of the season or the year, you can bet on metallics being a top trend. As an Image Consultant, I can tell you, Spring 2023 is no exception with silver and gold leading the charge. Forget tucking away your metallics after New Year’s. It’s time to think of metallics as a year-round staple in […]