Spring Trends – You’ll Love Them!

Carmel Wardrobe Stylist suggestion of spring jacketSpring 2024 Trends, Part One

We can now see some of the trends from the fall shows (for spring) out in the stores. It is always a fun, exciting time for me as a stylist to see the spring and summer clothes come into my favorite stores. As a Carmel Wardrobe Stylist, I am a big color person. So I celebrate the warmer months as a time to show your style, color, and fun. My best colors are spring colors. When I had my colors done, my teacher told me to think of my “wow” colors are all the flowers blooming in spring such as lilac, coral, yellow with the green stems. It is so true!

One fashion week abroad  (Copenhagen) showcased these trends

Cropped jackets – We have seen this style for awhile, and it’s born from necessity. Why? As a Carmel Wardrobe Stylist, I believe all of the wider leg pants need a shorter, more close-fit top to balance the look. That is why we suddenly started seeing crop tops everywhere.

Denim –  This remains big with “Dirty Denim” and Denim Sets. Overall, sets are a trend, and I couldn’t be happier. I was always a suit girl, even back in the 80s. I felt so professional and grown up. But the sets are now, of course, are different and only slightly resemble the 80s in the oversize shoulders, etc.

Preppy/School Days – I see this in the loafers, the skirts and jackets and even the dresses. If you like prep even a little bit, you will like this trend.

Other runway trends:

  • Rave Revival
  • “Look at me” bras
  • Backwards jackets
  • Tough leather
  • Layering/Draping
  • Cloud effect jeans
  • Oversized cargo jackets; pants
  • Draped heads/head scarves and large ribbons (The new way to wear scarves.)
  • Striped cotton

Carmel Wardrobe Stylist Spring Recap

Overall, Spring 2024 is a wearable season. There were many shades of pastels on the runways:  lavender, lime, pink, mint, yellow). Neutrals communicated the  “quiet luxury” trend in taupe, gray, cream, and khaki. All white or cream ensembles are very popular this year. The bright red of last year is being replaced this spring by a deeper red called black Cherry.  (Of course, if you don’t know your best colors, what are you waiting for? Reach out for your color analysis by texting me at 317-416-2782.)

Some bolder colors can be worn throughout the year such as royal, red, emerald, chocolate; the vibrant colors included periwinkle, fuchsia, orange, lime and green. And there was black, of course. We are seeing less “Barbie” pink and more soft pink and peach such as the Pantone Color of the Year, a dusty peach. Red will continue to be a strong color, along with pastel blues and soft yellow. More trends…

  • Carmel Wardrobe Stylist suggestion for spring and summer palette Top Prints: polka dots, floral, sea-inspired, abstract
  • Clean lines – Quiet Luxury
  • Loafers, and midi skirts; ruffles- Key colors: pink, lime, nutshell, blue, and red
  • Metallics: gold; silver
  • Leather: jackets, skirts, pants, bustiers, and coats
  • Short shorts and mini skirts (sets are still popular — see the green Michael Kors shorts set above)
  • Mega fringe
  • Utility uniform: shirt dress, trench, blazer
  • Denim: lots of flare legs
  • See-through: sheer fabrics, layering of sheers
  • Trench coats that are different sizes such as cropped to the waist, the hip or extra long
  • Shorter jackets that hit at the waist or below
  • Crochet dresses and pieces
  • Midi and maxi skirts
  • The White Dress: cut-outs, midi & maxi lengths
  • Polo shirts: preppy
  • The 1990’s
  • Ladylike

Keep it sassy, Indy! If your wardrobe needs some color — and sass — reach out to me or a style or color analysis!

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Personal Image Consultant and Carmel Wardrobe Stylist