Trends, Part 2–More to Love!

As a Personal Image Consultant, I cannot tell you how much I love accessories because I know they are outfit completers. If someone asked me, what is the no. 1 thing to do to be more stylish, and I would answer “accessorize.” You see, most people do not pay enough attention to details. Accessories such as purses, jewelry, belts, hats, makeup, nails, hairstyle, hair accessories, scarves, sunglasses, and even hose/tights can make an everyday outfit – amazing!

What I also like about accessories is the investment is not huge, and thus if you don’t love an accessory the next year, you can donate it without guilt. This is a shift for me. I used to be all about the “clothes” and constantly buying pieces I would put together with outfits. Of course, I still do that, but I often find I get the most compliments on my jewelry, not my clothes! Often someone will say — those earrings are amazing. And, I smile to myself because I know they were not a huge investment, but they make what I am wearing so much more interesting! You can do it, too.

Personal Image Consultant Favorite Accessories for Spring

Since it’s pretty easy to stay current with our accessories – without a huge cost — let’s look at some spring/summer trends…

Bags — who doesn’t love a bag? While I do have a few designer bags, most of my bags are very colorful. (I am a creative style so I love color and unusual color combinations.) This year’s bags are oversized; they have fringe. The Hobo bag is popular again as is raffia, chain straps and somewhat shapeless

Shoes? Pointy toe are always in (and I love them) as are mules, sling backs, ballerinas, flatforms, gladiator, thongs and artistic pumps. Choose your poison wisely to elevate your outfits. As a Personal Image Consultant, I would also like to add to this life spectator shoes are everywhere as are sneakers and loafers — soon to become a classic in your wardrobe. Ballet flats and Mary Janes in flats or block heels will continue to be popular. This Mary Jane by Franco Sarto comes in many colors and just the perky accessory you need.

Personal Image Consultant favorite shoes for spring and summer

Eyewear is key to your look. I cannot tell you how many times someone’s glasses will really age them — years and years. There are stylists who specialize in eyewear, and I am not one of them. But I do follow these principles when buying glasses — if they are in color they should be in harmony with your personal coloring. I favor brown, green-gray and even navy frames because I am a blue-eyed blonde. Size is key as well. If your face is petite and features small, your glasses should not overwhelm your face. The one exception is oversized sunglasses, and for me, the bigger the better.

Eyewear trends for this year are masks, 90s minimal and disruptive which basically means unusual and not the status quo.

Jewelry this year is still repeating the 80s with big pieces; asymmetrical earrings. The romantics will love that brooches and pearls are back. (When I wear pearls I like to wear several strands to make they stand out and not be too girly.) Ear cuffs and bangles are still key to this year’s style.

Hair and Make Up Trends from Your Personal Image Consultant

Every spring I like to get a makeup lesson/trend update from my favorite makeup counter at either Saks or Nordstrom. I like to purchase makeup during their gift, and learn more a national makeup artist. I also like how these associates match you so perfectly. I know makeup, but I like to get another opinion on the perfect shade and type of foundation since our skin changes as we age.

Trends are saying hair and makeup goes from natural to romantic to bold. Basically it sounds like there are many choices. I do think every women needs needs a good nude lipgloss or lipstick as well as a good red. I no longer match my lipstick to my outfit but coordinate it. For instance, when I wear a red dress I will sport a pink-nude or even berry lipstick. When I wear pink, I often wear red.

Nail art continues to be hot. Have fun!

Scarves are still here, but we are wearing them a little differently. Tie them in an open collar  blouse with a collar, or wear them in your hair as a bow or more like a scrunchie. Another new look is how to tie third layers such as sweaters across the middle of the chest.

Here is the 2024 color report from Pantone! Try some color today.

If you need help in finding your best colors, I can help. I am certified in color analysis and Personal Image Consultant, and would love to guide you to your best look ever!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CICs,
Personal Image Consultant