2021 Trends To Watch For

Since we’re all anxious for a new year, 2021, you can’t come fast enough, I thought I’d do a little research on what’s new and trending in fashion. As an Indianapolis Personal Stylist, I always try to keep an eye out for new and exciting fashion trends. Indianapolis Personal Stylist Identifies 2021 Fashion Trends For starters, […]

Working at Home in Style and Comfort!

Most of us are on month 478 of working from home, or at least it feels that way. Although working from home gives us an extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning. Even as an Indianapolis Image Consultant, I understand it can also be tempting to forget how to get dressed. Some of our most fashionable […]

How does a Trend Happen?

It can often be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the world of fashion. Now more than ever each season brings a fresh set of new trends that you are now expected to follow. But how do these trends build the tracking to take off and become worldwide sensations? For example, who […]

Embrace A Hoodie!

Since COVID we have all sought out our comfort pieces. For me, it’s sweaters and cropped jeans. For my husband, it’s a quilted vest, jeans, and comfortable, brushed cotton, patterned shirt, complete with more high-end sneakers. As a Carmel Wardrobe Stylist, I recently read an article in a men’s publication about the hoodie and just […]

Glamming it up for the Holidays

Yes, we’re in a pandemic, but we all need a little glam and sparkle in our lives, do we not? As an Indiana Styling Consultant, I am curious about how you dress for the holidays. Perhaps you’re a little laid back and like to dress up in family PJs. I swear when I receive these Christmas […]