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Look Amazing While You Sweat: Choosing Stylish Workout Clothes

This week, your Indianapolis Image Consultant and personal stylist, has a special treat: A guest blog from my running coach, Jen Knife. What I admire about Jen is that she always looks stylish, even when she’s running. She makes her running outfits fun and interesting, whether it’s a colorful hat, fun tights or a bright color top. Yet, she always looks put together. Your  Indianapolis Image Consultant's Favorite Looks Jen Knife is an RRCA certified running coach as well as an RYT 200 yoga teacher. Jen coaches runners of all levels (locally and virtually), from running their first 5K to training for an ultra-marathon. She's been teaching yoga in the Indianapolis area for 11 years; in-studio classes, private lessons, and corporate classes/events. Her website is Her Instagram is jenknifeyoga. Might I add Jen always knocks her personal style out of the park – even when she’s exercising! Dressing Your Shape… What running clothes are good for shapes such as curvy, rectangle and bigger in the middle? Jen says she’s a size 8 and I’d consider herself rectangular; her thighs are larger as well. Jen is a big fan of Lululemon for both cold and warm weather running gear. Their Run Times Short II has a wide leg, a wide waistband, and a 4” seam. And for cold weather she loves their Cold Pacer High Rise tights; they are fleece lined and have a higher waist than most tights. Another reason Lululemon is her go-to is she loves that they offer multiple size options versus just XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Whatever clothing line you choose, Jen says, just make sure the clothes fit you well and you love them so you'll wear [...]

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Looking Chic at the Holiday Season!

Hello everyone! Like it or not, the holidays are coming now, one by one. After Halloween, they are there all in a row: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and even Valentine's Day. If you are like me, you like to look festive and nice. We all want that, right. So, here are some ideas from your Indianapolis Men's and Women's  Indianapolis Personal Stylist. Holidays with Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist First, think about practical things: what are you doing at this event. Are you cooking? Are you hosting and just greeting people? Are you making a dish and bring it to a big gathering. These particular things will guide you as you pick your outfit. Or are you going to an elegant party where you want to make a statement? Are you sitting in an audience, dancing on the dance floor, standing in a cocktail reception? These things will guide your choices as well. In this blog, I am focusing on the more low-key, family at someone's home events.  You can still dress up but you want to be comfortable. For these gatherings, I lean toward pretty blouses (maybe not billowing sleeves if I am in the kitchen helping) in flattering colors for me such as earth tones, greens, etc., that especially say fall. The colors you pick will depend on your Wow colors. (If you haven't had your Wow Colors done, you need to do it. For me, it was the most important thing I did to establish my style and really set up my closet. I, your Indianapolis Personal Stylist,  had been spending too much money on colors/clothing that was popular but didn't look good on me such as black, olive green, bright pink. I now [...]

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How Feelings Can Affect Our Image

I recently had a color analysis with a new client – and the way I, your Indianapolis Image Consultant, conduct appointments now is I have certain tasks in mind, but really I just talk and interview clients to see what they want and why they are meeting with me – during the first 20 minutes or so. It’s been a most interesting journey. I find I learn so much more about people and their style, attitudes, self-esteem and what they think they want from me. Lessons Your  Indianapolis Image Consultant has Learned 1)I have heard all sorts of comments, and some of them I remember because I thought they were so profound. I had a male client that I asked, "Why do you want to work with a stylist?"  He responded that he  wanted to be “memorable.” Wow! That comment was really interesting since when I looked at him, I saw a handsome, successful guy in a high-level job. Yet, he didn’t really feel that way or see himself that way. We worked on a wardrobe that elevated his look and his attitude. I don’t agree when a CEO or just any C-Suite guy or gal is buying very cheap clothing, such as Johnathon A Banks dress shirts or jackets and pants at Goodwill. Sure, they may look okay and “pass” – but how does it make these individuals feel, really? It can’t be a good feeling. This suit is a perfect solution for an executive who wants to look like one: Emporio Armani Wool Suit   2) Another client of mine quite recently told me as she “ages” she feels she is fading away. That was another comment that was really telling. It’s true, ladies, as we age, [...]

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Trends are Here, Ladies!

Fall happens to be my, your Personal Stylist Intern's, favorite season of the year! Not just because of the crisp autumn air, and beautiful foliage, but because of the FASHION. The lower temperatures allow fashionistas everywhere to break out moto jackets, booties, and warm accessories. Overall, fashion just gets better in the fall. AND, it can get even better with some of the biggest trends of the season!  Your Personal Stylist's Favorite Colors Pistachio Green  The FW19 runways were full of monochrome dressing. From hot pink to red; however, pistachio green was the frontrunner. Pistachio is the perfect color to upgrade your fall closet. Not only can it be used as a neutral, but it gives off a very luxe feel. While designers like Sally Lapoint opted to style their models in head to toe pistachio, that may be a bit overwhelming for an everyday look. Instead, try out a simple pistachio sweater or t-shirt for a classic layering look.  Lace  The runways appeared to have taken lots of inspiration from the 1800s. Not only was lace a major showcase at shows like Brock and Khaite, but it was paired with other Victorian like trends. For instance, puffy sleeves, square necklines, and corsets were additionally paired with lace fabrics. If you tend to dress on the romantic side this trend is extremely up your alley!  Metals  This trend is perfect for transitioning into the holiday season. Metals are extremely festive and will not only look great in the fall but can be worn again to festivities all winter long. The Alberta Ferretti show addressed high sheen metals in pleated head to toe outfits. If you tend to be more minimalist, try out the metal trend through experimenting with accessories. A silver metallic boot with an all-black outfit can really add some life to a boring outfit. These R13 [...]

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Travel Tips for a Woman on the Run …

Hello, fashionistas! I just came back from two trips. Both demanding specific outfits I, your Personal Stylist, didn’t usually need. The first trip was to my husband’s college reunion in California. Right there you know it’s going to stump you. Everyone knows – people in California dress completely different from Midwesterners. They pull off that casual, easy outfits with finesse. I would have much rather gone to an NYC college reunion since they dress much more formal and it’s in my personal comfort zone. So…what did I wear. Something to note, we were walking around the campus for three days – which covered so much ground since this was Pomona College, part of the Redland schools. Basically, it consists of five small liberal arts and sciences schools. Personal Stylist Dresses All Day Every Day I knew we’d be going to outdoor barbecues, a president’s dinner, some student concerts, and even some classes. What I ended up doing was this…I wore dresses. I, your Personal Stylist, am a dress girl! One of the personal dresses was a red cotton A-line, and I threw my leather jacket and a hat over it. My stylist tip, pair it with Espadrilles. I was also wearing my large, oversized sunglasses much of the time. For the more formal dinner – which was outside I might add – I wore a blue floral wrap dress and some leopard flats. Since we were walking around the Quad. That was probably my personal favorite outfit. I also wore some medium blue cotton pants and a long-sleeved Bohemian top. That was a nice option. It all seemed to go well. Stylist crisis averted. Here are some pics of clothes that are similar to what I wore: [...]

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The Rise of Denim Shorts

As you look around at what women of all ages are wearing, you’ll have to agree: The cut-off denim short dominates, second to the fringy denim skirt. along had 512 choices. Wow, that’s hard to believe. Well readers, while I have nearly every denim jean out there it seems, I do not have denim shorts. So, my journey begins to see what I can find and educate and entertain you along the way. The title of today's Personal Stylist blog has two meanings: Yes, denim shorts are very popular. Second, the “rise” of denim shorts is key to how they fit you and how they look. Recommendations from Your Personal Stylist Whether you realize it or not, the rise is the measurement between your natural waist and your crotch. It’s a key measurement to know when you buy jeans and pants, and when it’s right you won’t have baggy crotch also known as Carmel-toe. It’s important to pay attention and measure yourself or just realize that not all shorts/pants are created equal. Style Reccomendation: The Boyfriend Short Hourglass, bigger in the middle and rectangle shapes can probably rock about any type of denim short as long as they fit the rise and are not too tight or too baggy. You have to try them on though, trust me! The length depends on your legs, but usually, these figures have good legs and can wear thigh-length or even shorter shorts and look really good. You might even want to try the denim short overalls. On some figures, it's' really cute and trendy. Plus, and bigger on the bottom ladies have to be pickier about what shorts they wear. A darker rinse is always more slimming, as [...]

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Can I Still Wear a Crop Top?

Although you might be hesitant about reliving a 90's fad you overwore in your youth. Think about making an exception for crop tops. You may think Britney Spears is the only person that can make a crop top look good, but there are so many ways you can implement this trendy top into your wardrobe, AND still look classy. Here are some tips and tricks on how to crop it and rock it. Top Style Choices from Your Indianapolis Personal Stylist   Wear Something High Waisted If wearing a crop top sounds absolutely terrifying to you, try pairing it with a high waisted bottom. High waisted bottoms are flattering on most body types and can be a great way of hiding a little extra belly fat (No shame!!!). Not to mention, they look super cute with a crop top! For example, this Zara basic white cropped tank looks effortlessly cute paired with a pair of high waisted mom jeans. If you throw on a pair of sunnies, gold hoops, and some white sneaks you’ll have the perfect weekend look. Style Example: Ruffled Crop Top Know the Different Levels of Cropped Another essential part of rocking a crop top is knowing the different levels of a crop top. If you’re a daredevil you might want to go for a bra crop top. This is when the top is quite literally the length of a bra. There are also crop tops that fall right at your waist or just above the belly button. This type of crop top is perhaps the most common, and easier to pull off than the bra crop top. Lastly, if you are a little hesitant to reach for a crop top, try grabbing a [...]

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From Your Image Consultant: Do You Have Your 16 Points?

The next two blogs from your favorite Image Consultant are about issues we all deal with as humans: grooming and your image surrounding that. I know it's strange that I compare us to our two cats. Stay with me. Our big, fluffy Maine Coon loves to groom himself. He loves to clean his long, thick hair and asks to be brushed at least three times a day. He probably feels better afterwards. Our other kitty, Nellie, who is a domestic long haired kitty has very long grey hair as well. Her hair is more stringy and tends to pick up dust, etc. Nellie does not love to be groomed by us and sometimes doesn't groom herself. An Image Consultant Points for Grooming People can be the same way in their grooming and thus their image. I fall somewhere in the middle of all this. While I am not a natural style -- ladies who shun makeup and jewelry, etc. -- I have never really been a high maintenance woman either. Ever since I cut my super long locks in my senior year of high school and opted for a short, curly cap of hair, I have not sought to spend hours getting ready in the morning for the perfect image. I am lucky in that I have naturally curly hair, and when I have a great hair cut I can use a little product and go! Early in my Image Consultant training my teacher showed me her consultant favorite 16-Point Test commonly used by stylists to show their clients some ways they can have a put together image and perfectly groomed. Basically, you get a point for each of these things: Did you do your [...]

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Image Consultant Trends to Love

Hey fashionista, rejoice! With new seasons come new trends to try out. As the right hand to your favorite Image Consultant, I’d like to enlighten you on some of the biggest Spring 2019 trends we’ll be seeing in the next few months. I​f the SS19 runways shows are any indication, it appears 2019 will be a very fashionable year, indeed. Whether you wear one, or all five, here are the five of the biggest trends you’ll see in spring 2019. Tie Dye Tie-dye is no longer just a craft project! Despite being known as clothing adolescents wear, tie-dye has had a major fashion image update. On the SS19 runways, we saw tie-dye at Dior where Maria Grazia layered the whimsical print over floral design. Other designers such as Chloé and Stella McCartney showcased tie-dye tees for a more casual image. I look forward to mixing in the trend with oversized denim and my Dr. Martens for an ultra 90s image. This​ ​Re/Done ​tee is so easy to fit into your wardrobe, and it will look great with any image you want to create! Crochet Like many bohemian styles, crochet is appearing to be a very popular textile this spring. It was all over the SS19 runways at shows like Altuzarra’s and Chloé. With temperatures climbing back up, crochet is going to be a must-have on your next vacation. From a consultant perspective, crochet pairs very well over a bohemian image style such as maxi dresses with a pair espadrilles. I will definitely be living in this super cute crochet set from Urban Outfitters all spring and summer. Cycling shorts Perhaps the scariest spring image, cycling shorts are an undeniable big trend this spring. Love them or hate [...]

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Do You Control Social Media?

Or Does It Control You and Your Image? In my first job in a corporate communications department, before I became a Certified Image Consultant, I learned a golden rule very early on: never make an executive or employee of any level look less than their best in a photograph. Case in point: I remember one year our photographer had taken some beautiful photos of happy employees at the employee picnic:  playing games, eating picnic food and swimming in the massive pools. One image in particular was of a larger man playing ball with his boy. It was a cute photo, but…it made this person look very heavy, evenly slovenly. Did we use it? We did not. I quickly made an editorial decision that I could not publish that image and embarrass that person. It was a no-brainer, end of the story.   Today – this scenario is completely different. Facebook, Instagram and a myriad of other social media sites allow everybody to be a “journalist” per se. Anyone, in any setting, work or not, can snap a photo of virtually anyone and post it without thinking, "will this damage someone’s image?" Now these photos may not appear on your company website, but they could appear on someone else’s company or organizational website or personal sites. Can You Control Social Media? Unfortunately, many times you can’t, but you do, however, have control over your image. Executives, middle management and even entry level employees—virtually everyone--can fall victim to this at any point. Someone could snap an unflattering photo of you and put it on social media. Now there is a permanent record of how you looked at one moment in time. It could be as simple of [...]

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