Fall/Winter Colors & How to Wear Them

Fall is coming! It hit me when I returned from San Francisco that was unseasonably warm when we were out walking in the neighborhood one night, and there was a […]

Dressing for A Funeral

It’s interesting in my work with clients, how I am privileged to share in all the important parts of life, from weddings to galas, graduations, etc. Since we know that […]

Dressing the Client in Transition

In Indianapolis Women’s Styling, It is not unusual at all to meet with a potential client who tells me this: “I am in transition. I am a few pounds heavier […]

Why Wardrobes Don’t Work…

When I think about the type of services I offer, I would say I do a closet audit a little over half the time with clients. As an Indiana Women’s […]

Ladies: How to Dress on a Date

I just reconnected with a former co-worker and friend whom I hadn’t see in a while. She is a single mom who’s done an amazing job of raising her daughter, […]

Part 2: Are Your Clothes Aging You?

Capri pants. Capri pants have been on my hit list for as long as I can remember. The eye goes to horizontal lines. When you place a horizontal line in […]

Ladies: Are Your Clothes Aging You!

Most of my clients are between the ages of 45 and 65. You might say they are “of a certain age.” This is a fantastic time of life for many […]

Gentleman: How to Not Look Old!

For most of us, on the other side of 45, our image becomes a greater focus as we aim to look current, not too young, and not too old. It’s […]

Sneakers: The New Classic at Work and Play

Sneakers are truly the shoe of the pandemic, and really the current shoe of the day. Many of us used to buy athletic shoes for sports such as tennis, basketball, […]