The Case for Alterations!

This year will be my 10th year to being a Carmel Wardrobe Stylist  and personal stylist. I was certified in 2017, but to even start that process I had to have more than 100 hours or training. Anyway, I hope to continue to share my expertise with you for more years to come! Because the more clients you work with, the more you learn, and you benefit from that.

Carmel Wardrobe Stylist Suggestions

As your Carmel Wardrobe Stylist,  I am going to talk about some style mishaps we’ve all made at some point in our lives! Photo by Ron Lach.

  1. Not taking off tacking and labels off of coats. If you have bought a blazer or have one in your closet, double check and make sure you have removed the taking on the back vent. Also, on your winter coat, if there is a label on the sleeve that says 100% wool, or something similar, remove that label.
  2. Not doing needed alterations on a garment. This is a hard one for many people because they do not want to pay the extra money for alterations. But they will buy a garment anyway and never do it and just roll up a sleeve, etc. As a Carmel Wardrobe Stylist, I really think alterations are inconvenient. I understand that: you pick a vendor, take the garment to the store, try it on, get a ticket and pick it up later. But, the benefits are so many!! If you are really pressed for time, I suggest you shop at a store that already has alterations built in. One is Nordstrom. (As a charge customer I have free alterations dollars built in.)  Some hems are even free. I always suggest building the cost of simple alterations in the price of the garment.
  3. More on alterations: I am not suggesting every garment is a potential for alterations. Some are way too difficult and too expensive such as the following (for men and women):                                                                                                                       Moving shoulders on a garment. This is too expensive and difficult since you’re basically changing the structure of the piece.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         – Changing the neckline. This is a difficult one – yes, you can take in the neck with darts if it’s too big, but you don’t want to change the basic structure and length, etc., of the neckline.                                                                                                                        – Drastically changing the shape of a garment. For instance, changing a princess style dress to a straight one. This would be very expensive. Clients often ask me for referrals for a good alterations expert. They are located all over the city and state, so the first tip I have is try to pick a store that is convenient for you since we know alterations are often not convenient for us with our huge “To Do”lists! Read reviews online for your alterations store. I would pick a multitude of reviews over just five or less “perfect” reviews.
  4. Another mishap people make is not properly caring for their new clothes. Be careful about washing a garment if it says “dry clean only.” I also caution you not not to over wash and dry clean clothes. After wearing an outfit that doesn’t have stains hang it up and let it air out. You may not need to dry clean or even wash it yet.

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Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Personal Image Consultant and Carmel Wardrobe Stylist