Some Fabulous New Products!

Hello Indianapolis Fashionistas,

We’re in the middle of summer in Indianapolis, so if you are like me, you’re trying to find some new lighter makeup and skin care products to use. You also may be cleaning out some old products as well. For instance, don’t keep your mascara beyond 3-6 months. Lipsticks in a tube up to 2 years, liquid makeup and lip gloss one year and out.

New Products of Interest from your Indianapolis Personal Stylist

I am really interested in products that do multiple things, especially great for travel.  I am also interested in testing some new organic products since I know they are better for me, however, that doesn’t mean they are effective in treatments or even staying on my face or making my hair gorgeous. More on that…

I have tried the ever-popular Boom! Jennifer Aniston supposedly used it–a multiple that comes in a little tube, it’s a gel-based formula that you can use for blush, lip gloss and even eye shadow. I have to say — I like it! It’s especially since as a different eye shadow for me. (Now your color skin tone and eye color intensity may effect how great this product looks on you.) The blush is great and the lipgloss is okay. I usually like a bolder lip. I do recommend it! I did ask their customer service if they offer other colors beyond the berry-rosy shade. They do not at this time…but maybe they will eventually. For now, I am going to mix Boom with my peach colored Elizabeth Arden cream blush, which is fab!

I am a lotion fan–out of necessity since my skin gets reptilian dry in the humid, summer months. From Beauty Control, a company that touts all-organic products, I love their Mimosa lotions and body wash. They smell like someone squeezed a fresh orange on your skin, and the silky product really soaks into your skin quickly. I love these products and often give them to friends for little gifts. Beauty Control also has since nice lipsticks and a very effective sunblock called Protection All Over. Try them! ( My contact for these great products, sold by distributors, is Judy Marcus, here in Indianapolis ( or call 317-374-0303).

My fav makeup artist friend loves It cosmetics from QVC — I do like their mascara and illuminating powders. They are very fine milled and look great in moderation. Beyond It, I have started using some Mally products, recommended by another makeup artist friend. I love their brow product that has powder on one side and a gel on the other to set it. The end result is the most natural brows I have ever seen. (I have blonde brows that are very hard to match.) I also love, love their eye pencils. They are so soft and creamy and go on like a dream. Try them–especially in a color. (

Finally, another lotion I tried from QVC is Skinfix: I love the renewing cream. It really soaks into your skin and has the freshest lime scent! And, it’s 96 percent organic. You’ll love it!

Finally — on to shampoo. I actually read about this product in a magazine because it was organic and then immediately ordered it from QVC — it’s Beekind by Gilchrist & Soames‎. I particularly like the shampoo and conditioner, but you may like to try the many other all-natural products.

One last product — albeit a little different — it’s sunblock for surfers called Raw. It is fabulous. I wore it in Florida in the hot sun and swam in the pool and it stayed on for hours. I barely had any sunburn at all. So…if you need serious sunblock, snap this up — it’s on Amazon.

Enjoy these products. Hope you find some new favorites recommended by your Indianapolis Personal Stylist!

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, Indianapolis Personal Stylist