Working with a Personal Stylist

Image Consultant Suggested BagBelieve it or not, there are many reasons why my clients contact me for help. Often, it’s someone who wants assistance putting together outfits from the clothes they already have. This can pose a real challenge if the person really doesn’t have good basics to begin with: They could be the wrong color, a poor fit or really a piece that doesn’t go with anything.” While I am happy to help put together outfits, sometimes, the best thing to do is donate the clothing and start fresh. I will sometimes tell clients – if you have to work too hard to make a piece of clothing work, it’s probably just something that doesn’t work for you.

Why Use a Personal Stylist?

Anyway, another reason people contact me is to help them dress the person they are now: someone who’s lost weight; gained weight; suddenly back into the work force; dressing for a promotion at work; adjusting to a more relaxed work place dress code, or not working at all; or wanting casual clothes for their retirement. A really important part of helping clients in these situations is the initial consult where we talk, go over their style questionnaire, do measurements, etc. This foundation is key to our future success.

Another reason clients often contact me is they want an outfit for a special occasion or date. Sometimes, they need help in figuring out how to look their best or feel their best. For instance, just last week one of my male clients wanted help in looking “great” for the Indy 500. We had worked together before…I knew it was important that he stay cool. That meant wearing a cotton, short sleeve (woven) shirt and cotton shorts. He also had some new black sneakers that he wanted to wear. We ended up buying a black/white cotton shirt, grey shorts and some new sunglasses that looked like Ray Bans. He wore a black trucker hat and black sneakers. It was a great look, and my client received many compliments when he wore a similar outfit a couple days later. Our goal for that outfit had to be “function” because of the very high temps, and how it looked second.

I have new client I am working with soon who wants a special outfit for an event she is going to—hoping to get the attention of a certain guy who’ll be there. We’ve already talked about what she wants to wear, and what’s appropriate for the event, but I will do some additional research. For these type of jobs, I try to think about a great outfit that is not only flattering, but that is not “trying too hard.” For ladies, I always recommend focusing on either your top or your bottom in an outfit—don’t try to dazzle someone with both! Wearing one of your best colors is always a key way to look your best. That’s why I do a color consult in the very first appointment we have. Then I know we will be on the right track.

Of course, the kind of impression you make on someone also depends on your attitude and confidence. You make an impression very quickly when you meet someone—we’ve all heard about the importance of nonverbal communication, right?

One more thing—the whole world has been shocked and saddened by the passing of Kate Spade. I admire her more than words can say. I know her legacy will live on, and every time I carry my pink floral purse I will think of her. Kate Spade’s latest company, Francis Valentine, reminds me of the happy, cute bags that “are” Kate such as this one from Saks.

Frida Signature Floral Bucket Bag


Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,

AICI Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist