Summer is Finally Here: What is Your Fashion Dilemma?

This week, it officially became summer. I, your Certified Image Consultant, am so glad. I love hot weather—maybe it’s the ice cream tastes so good, or finally I can swim laps outside and not freeze to death. Whatever, your favorite things are about summer – please enjoy.

I remember back when I used to work in an office, summer seemed to be an especially hard time to look put together—even then, people were getting away from wearing suits and formal dress. Fast forward to now, when people rarely wear suits. In the summers they like to shun jackets and dress more casual — not even business casual.

Certified Image Consultant Recommendations

Certified Image Consultant Sports JacketOne of my male clients recently asked me what sport coat I recommended since his favorite jacket—the one that was the perfect color—was just too hot for high temps. I recommended two items to him: The linen or cotton sport jacket and the linen shirt. Of course, any items in 100 percent cotton are always good choices. I used to wear a cotton blouse and a pencil skirt many days, along with cotton shirt dresses. I love dresses in the summer. You can even get a nice seersucker version that is professional and not too girly.

Anyway, for men, I recommend the linen or cotton sport coat. Try to find a more traditional color such as blue or navy. In cotton, I like a khaki color suit, of course without a tie. You can wear a short sleeve shirt under it for a lighter feel.

JCrew Sports Jacket

A linen shirt, untucked, is also a great option. There are so many more available now, and I especially like Ted Baker’s. I saw a really nice one at Nordstrom this week, and my client purchased one: It was about $88 which is a great price for that brand.

Crew and Polo has some really nice unstructured jackets in cotton that are great for summer. I like wearing a stripe or solid T-shirt under them – even more than a polo. Wear some casual fashion sneakers, and it’s a great casual outfit for summer. Of course, the traditional 100 percent button down is another good choice for guys who work in the office. I’d stay away from the whimsical prints, unless your office is totally casual. Then, those shirts are great.


I really like to stay away from hoodies and plain T shirts for the office – I know people in tech often wear this, but it’s not my favorite look. I know I am old school – but I always think you should dress for the job you want – not the job you have. It’s a difficult position to take now that so many offices have casual dress codes, and many are learning more toward athleisure dress. But, it’s my opinion, and I am sticking to it.


I also recommend watching the shoes you wear. Ladies, I would not wear the delicate, even sexy, sandals to work, and guys – not a fan of the sock-less look.


Keep it sassy, Indy, and enjoy summer!

Beth Divine,

Certified Image Consultant, AICI, and Personal Stylist