Little Changes that Make a Huge Difference

Once in a while, on this blog, I like to talk about some principles that I find to be true in the day to day styling I do with clients.

Because I am an AICI Certified Image Consultant, and not just a wardrobe stylist, I often get involved in other issues with clients, beyond just clothing. This can include hair styles, makeup, diet even profiles.

I often find some commonalties with many of the people who hire me and work with me. It’s very interesting to me when that happens.

What Does An AICI Certified Image Consultant Do?

Very often, with men, I am asked if I like the haircuts or styles that clients have. Is it the right color, the right cut? Should they keep a beard, a mustache etc. I like to think of a client I worked with a couple of years ago. He was like many men who still have their hair – they don’t want to trim it much – they are grateful they have it. Of course, you can certainly understand that perception, but I find more and more that having a big head of hair does not mean it should be worn long. I nearly always recommend to men that they cut their hair shorter than keep it long. (Although there are exceptions to this rule such as men who have long hair and wear it in a ponytail.) Nearly all the time when a client cuts and styles their very thick hair, it nearly always makes them look younger.

Second, I rarely tell male clients to dye their hair 100 percent. To me, it looks fake. I like the “salt and pepper” look because its natural. Sometimes a little bit of color can look okay, but I would have to see it in a case by case basis.

If a client likes facial hair, I simply recommend keeping it trimmed and tidy. Maybe just a mustache is all that’s needed. Here’s a good Pinterest article:

25 Best Hairstyles For Older Men

With women, my No. 1 piece of advice is if you are a dark brunette, stay a brunette—this is especially true if you have a blue-black color of hair and fair skin (think Snow White). Highlighting it and making it lighter is not always flattering. In fact, it can be very again for a dark brunette to go completely blonde.

Another area that is often abused my many people is the eyebrow—it’s so important. Of course, if I could, I’d go back in time and stop women from plucking out all their eyebrows! Myself included. The brow should have a natural shape and color. There are many good products out there now—I use a blonde pencil from Lancôme that I think looks very natural. I am not a fan of tattooed eyebrows; although I do think the process has improved.

Skincare Tips From Your AICI Certified Image Consultant

Finally, for men and women—don’t ignore skin care and treatment. The older we get, the more hydration we need on our face as well as some exfoliation. Ladies, take your makeup off at night, and moisturize your face at night—so treatments soak in—and each day. We all need protection from the sun – I recently read an article that 30 SPF is now the recommended strength of protection.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine,

AICI Certified Image Consultant