How does a Trend Happen?

It can often be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the world of fashion. Now more than ever each season brings a fresh set of new trends that you are now expected to follow. But how do these trends build the tracking to take off and become worldwide sensations? For example, who in the world decided in 2010 that “jeggings’ would be the next “thing”? As an Indianapolis Image Consultant Intern, I wanted to get to the bottom of the ever-changing world of trends, so I did some research on just how they are even created.

Indianapolis Image Consultant Intern Shares How Trends Get Started

To start, let’s get technical. The term trend is understood as an inclination towards a style. To simply put it, a trend reflects whatever’s happening at a given time, and can be connected towards popularity. When it comes down to it, a fashion trend developed based on outside social forces. Designers and trend forecasters take note of social forces and create predictions on how society will adapt to these forces through fashion. At the end of the day, trends are spread by people. This process can be better described through the Diffusion of Innovation Theory, which describes the type of people that make trends possible:

  • Innovators are responsible for bringing an idea to life. They are typically designers or celebrities with a large following.
  • Early Adopters are responsible for bringing attention to the trend. They have a significant influence on others and drive trends to become mainstream.
  • The early majority constitutes a large following from the general population. They likely saw their favorite celebrity or influencer rocking the trend, which then influenced them to participate.
  • Late Majority takes some convincing to join in on a trend. They are aware that the trend is happening but prefer to observe before joining in themselves.
  • Laggards are the last to adopt the trend. Once the laggards finally adopt the trends, it will likely die down and become obsolete.

Indianapolis Image Consultant’s Tips For Staying On Top Of Trends

Now that you know where a trend comes from, and how they trickle down within a society, where can you look to stay on top of the ever-changing fashion trends? First and foremost, as an Indianapolis Image Consultant Intern, I advise to always look to the top. Almost all trends can be credited to big designers around the world. Twice a year fashion week happens, once in September and once in February. If you pay close attention to big runway shows you may be able to spot the newest trends that designers are showing first.

In addition to the runway shows at fashion week, don’t forget to look to street style. Street style can be credited to so many modern-day trends. Before the pandemic even started, street style gurus in Asia were rocking masks with their outfits for years. It then became a staple trend throughout big cities like Tokyo and Hong Kong.

In addition to street style, always look to your favorite celebrity/ influencers. They are often lucky enough to receive trendy items gifted from big brands. They help you decide if the trend is for you and help you learn how to style it.

Hopefully, this blog gave you a deeper insight into the world of trends, and how they develop into your closet! The next time you see something trendy, ask yourself, where you fall on the Division of Innovators scale!

Stay trendy Indy,

Libby, Beth Divine Style: Indianapolis Image Consultant Intern