Diary of an Image Consultant: Dressing for the Job Interview

The Total Package from Your Image Consultant

Ladies, this one is for you and your personal image. Career coaches are now advising young people interviewing for a job to spend just as much time on their image and appearance as they do on their crafting their resumes. As your consultant, it means this: You need to carefully prepare your look for a job interview, and beyond, especially if you plan to move up to the executive suite. Good news, I can help you with your image and personal brand!

Ladies, we are often more tuned into our image and the impact it has on others. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. We all agree, it’s more complicated for us to get dressed because there are so many more variables to navigate. Guys generally think, “What kind of suit should I wear?” Women generally think, “Should I wear a suit with a skirt or pants, or a dress, or a blouse and skirt/or pants. What about shoes?”

Consultant Advice

First of all, wear an outfit that is simple, sharp and flattering to your image. If you do not know what your best colors in neutrals are between black or navy, navy or camel, grey or black, I can help you as your Image Consultant. As your consultant, I do a color analysis and then you can purchase a swatch book that has all the colors outlined for you. This can make a big difference right at the start to building your personal image. Here is a good description.


Anyway, I suggest a jacket and skirt, jacket and pants or a shirt dress (that looks like a jacket but is one piece). It should be classic, fit you well and be comfortable. I suggest 100 percent wool or even silk. It will breathe if you are interviewing in hot weather or keep you warm in cold weather.

Don’t neglect wearing a nice-looking coat if you are interviewing in the winter since this is the first image they will see as you enter the office. First impressions count for a lot. It doesn’t have to be a Burberry coat, but something that looks nice. Keep your shoes simple. I suggest wearing a heel under 3 inches in a basic color. Make sure they are comfortable, and you can walk in them gracefully. As your consultant, a graceful walk is the best accessory when it comes to shoes.

Ladies, don’t forget your purse or brief case. It should be presentable and not be in a bizarre color. Don’t make the mistake of bringing too many purses, briefcases because you want to not worry about where to put them, etc.


Your hair should be simple, styled but not too fancy. Now is not the time to wear an up do and have bright red or black nails. Wear a neutral nail polish if at all. Keep makeup simple and flattering to your image – we don’t want to wear screaming bright colors at this meeting. Also keep the fragrance to a minimum. Wear simple, classic jewelry — leave the dangly earrings in your jewelry box.

This might be a good time for a haircut and some color – but keep your image simple, trust your consultant. If you have aqua hair most of the time, don’t change it just for the job interview. You are who you are. If your skills and personality mesh with the company, you will get the job. Don’t change your image drastically for the interview and then change back to the real person you are after you get the job.


Keep it sassy, Indy.



Beth Divine, AICI Certified Image Consultant