Add Living Coral to your Wardrobe in 2019!

Your Personal Stylist Tips for 2019

It’s 2019, and you know what that means: another Pantone Color of the Year. And, be still my stylist heart, it’s Living Coral–one of my best colors–ever. You may ask — why do you even care. Well — a little history for you. Before I was a Personal Stylist when I was a writer/editor, I worked with some wonderful and talented graphic designers and we always discussed the Pantone colors without ceasing. We picked them for publications, and sometimes they will stick a little color block of the Pantone color with its number. So exciting for me.

Anyway, now, as a Personal Stylist, I dress people for a living and do color analysis on my clients, I still pay attention to colors — for people — to publications. And, I still get excited when Pantone picks its special color. If you watch and are alert to colors around you, you will notice that the Pantone Color of the Year subtly is found in new colors, personal home decor and even housewares.

What I like about coral is its warm, engaging properties but it’s not so — in your face bold. It’s a little soft. I believe everyone can wear it–from a touch of it to a bright dress or shirt/pants outfit. Ladies, you can incorporate it into your sweaters, like this one here. Guys, you can embrace a shirt, tie or pocket square in coral or even a preppy coral pant or short. It’s fun for all. Something like this tie here. Gentleman, trust your stylist, you too can really wear coral!

Stylist Tips: What to Wear with Coral

Many of you may wonder: what do I wear with coral on a personal level? Believe it or not — there are many hues that play with coral. Stylist tip on pairings: coral with a neutral, either cream, white or camel as well as navy, grey or even a rusty brown. Coral also looks great with yellow, royal blue or turquoise. It is also beautiful with plum or a rust tone, such as Burnt Henna. It looks great with denim of all shades from white to navy to even red.

If you pair it with a suit, guys, remember to match saturations — I, as your stylist, would not pair it with black or very dark brown. It will work with navy, cream, camel and grey in a tie, shirt or even a personal pocket square. If you have the coral pants, pair it with prints in neutral tones or even just neutral tops such as denim, cream or navy.

Stylist Tips: Coral Accessories

Personal StylistAnother personal opinion, I love coral when it comes to makeup–maybe it’s because my personal colors are spring-like and very bright. Coral is slightly less bold than orange, and I will use it for a blush, eye shadow or lip in a matte lipstick or gloss. Like this lip stick from NARS.

Coral scarf in a print is very pretty and looks great with denim.

Gold jewelry really rocks with coral as do stones, such as Larimar or turquoise or even blue sapphire. Or just coral toned sunglasses, jewelry such as hoops or bracelets/necklaces will embody the spirit of this fun color.

If you can’t really wear coral next to your very cool hair/skin/eyes, consider a coral purse or shoes for a punch of color not to white, clear blues or even purple or royal blue. It will be so pretty.

Another stylist suggestion, you can start wearing coral now–don’t wait until spring. It will wake up your winter clothes and accessories! Personal opinion, I like a bright coral sweater and white jeans and camel boots for this time of year!

Keep it sassy, Indy.




Beth Divine, Indianapolis Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist