Indianapolis Men’s Stylist: How to Ace Your Job Interview Look

We all know looks matter — especially when we are job hunting. It’s not fair. I agree. But, because our appearance is a “walking billboard,” it’s best to look the best we can–especially when we are getting our first job or changing career paths. As your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist, I am here to offer some of my best advice and share some tips on dressing for the job you desire.

Tips On Men’s Style from your Indianapolis Men’s Stylist

In this blog, I am going to talk about entry level men’s style and how you should approach your wardrobe. Most importantly, how the world looks at executives. For starters, just to support my case to spend money on good quality clothes, consider what the Business Insider recently reported: “More attractive people make between 3 and 4 percent more money than people with below average looks.”

Think of Your Professional Wardrobe as an Investment

In addition, career coaches are now advising young people interviewing for a job to spend just as much time on their appearance as they do on their crafting their resumes. So as your stylist, you need to carefully prepare your look for a job interview, and beyond, especially if you plan to move up to the executive suite.

Of course, you may not want to go into debt to do this. As a stylist, I don’t expect you to drain your account on looks. But, consider that high-quality, more expensive clothing, fits better, looks better and is often more comfortable. They are often a confidence booster as well.

If you are just starting out in the work world you may tell me, “But Beth, my company probably won’t require me to wear or suit or dress up like that. Why should I invest in a suit, good shoes and crisp shirts I won’t wear that much.? My response: you don’t have the job yet. So, most likely these trappings of looking great, sounding great, feeling confident with a polished, detailed resume will more likely get you into the door. Men’s suits, when purchased from the right place, last a good while. They are worth the investment. Dress for the job that you want!

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

That being said, maybe you have a huge college loan and honestly don’t have the cash. Here’s an idea I tell clients all the time, if you are meeting with me as your stylist and have a goal to invest in some interview worthy clothes, don’t be afraid to tell family and friends. Don’t be shy to say, “Hey, I would love a gift card this year for my birthday or for Christmas so I can buy an amazing interview outfit.” You might be surprised at the response you receive, since many of us are clueless what to buy you. We’d consider this a gift!

Think about buying a charcoal grey or navy suit such as the ones pictured here at Nordstrom. Keep the tie simple.

If you are not comfortable doing this, you might need to get a credit card and pay for your suit that way. While I don’t want everyone to get into debt over clothing, an interview suit and new shoes will help you make an impression. Many stores such as Nordstrom and Brooks Brothers has great incentives for credit card customers. Also, don’t be afraid to ask when the sales will happen. You might be surprised at the deal you get.


Keep it sassy, Indianapolis.



Beth Divine, AICI Certified Image Consultant and Indianapolis Men’s Stylist