Why Shopping is Hard Right Now!

As an Indiana Image Consultant, some of my business is personal shopping – this occurs after the color analysis, style analysis, shape analysis, and wardrobe evaluation that often involves a closet cleanout.

All of these steps are necessary to select the best clothing for you and not pick clothing you don’t need. Not all my clients do all these steps, but really, doing them all is the most optimal way to work with me.

Shopping Tricks from Your Indiana Image Consultant

I do some of these steps on my own but find many people come back for the other steps because they feel as though they didn’t really finish all that we do. I usually find early on in the closet cleanse the way this client has shopped in the past and why it hasn’t worked. Here are some of the reasons in my opinion as an Indiana Image Consultant:

  • You only buy pieces and not outfits or clothing that goes with what you already have in your closet. This is a very typical thing to do, and we have all done it. My advice to clients who do this is to just stop buying pieces, let me do your shopping for you each season. Always buy outfits when you are shopping including any accessories such as the perfect scarf, jacket, shoes, sunglasses.
  • Always buying those special “steals” that you can’t pass up. But the problem is you never wear it. We have all done this. It’s okay to do this once in a Blue Moon, but if you do it all the time you will have a closet full of “orphans” that don’t give you the outfits you want.
  • Buying multiples is another tactic I see. You find a sweater you love and buy five of them. You love the way they fit. While I can understand maybe two items that are alike, but buying more than this is too much in my opinion because — styles change, you change and suddenly you may decide you don’t like this item anymore. Case in point — during COVID — I was really into loud, cozy, floral maxi dresses from Lily Pulitizer. I own two. This year — I am not into them anymore. I don’t know why. I only have two – so one is nearly worn out, and I will keep the other one. So — I didn’t do any harm here or make a major investment. Had I bought six maxi I would have really regretted it and felt guilty and wasteful. Finding the perfect pair of jeans and having multiple pairs is another story. But do you really need more than 2 or even 3? Styles change!
  • Another very common thing I see, as an Indiana Image Consultant, is men and women are buying the most inexpensive items they can — all the time. What this means is your clothes do not last and do not serve you as well. You should definitely spend more on those basics that you will wear over and over for years such as for men: sports coat, overcoat, puffer, and definitely shoes. For women, buy good quality coats, shoes, purses, and pants and jackets if you wear them for your career.

We will continue this discussion in our next blog.

Keep it sassy, Indy.

Beth Divine, MA, AICI-CIC

Personal Stylist and Indiana Image Consultant